Creating Tool trays

Hi Wondering if anyone has posted a tutorial on how to make tool trays for the shop. looking to organize anything from wrenches to sockets, screwdrivers etc…
Specifically, I am looking for a method to make outlines of my tools and using my shapeoko to cut out the shapes. Is there an automated way to sketch the tool outline without having to trace it manually?

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Here’s one method -

I think @WillAdams also has a library of parts somewhere on the site that might give you a jump start.

The method I used was to flatbed scan my tools, import into photoshop and paint over the shapes roughly, then vectorize in InkScape (using the bitmap to path tool). All that can be pretty fast depending on how precise you want to be.

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Unfortunately, no real progress on the library — it’s supposed to be at:

(which includes a few links to 3D models I made of some of my tools)

and in addition to the link @theworkshope posted also see:

There was a very clever technique posted a while back on some forum where tools were placed on a glass and projected and the projection traced.

I’ve found that using a guide for a pen refill helps a lot with the tracing of outlines:

A way to avoid the need for tracing is to place the tools on a surface (assuming that they are heat-resistant), cover them with a flexible cloth such as a T-shirt, then surround it with the box you wish to use, and squirt an expanding insulation foam in.