Curing my OCD and trimming the shapeoko

Gotta love 3D printing!

If you wouldn’t mind posting the Fusion files too, that would be appreciated.


A brief update. Everything coming together.

Really proud of the drag chain. I bought a igus chain and they provide all their chains as 3d files. I have to rout the motor cables out on the control box and took one file of their page enlarged it and put a throughout in it so I could take the rest and rout it out of the machine without changing it to a different drag chain or cable Channel what so ever


Hi Guys,

All files and 3d Parts online on Thingiverse with instructions.



Thanks for sharing! Next time I need to mess with my controller, I’ll print that enclosure. The stock one is a major pain in the neck whenever there is a need to go and plug something new (which is not everyday, but still)


First - Thank you for taking the time to make and post everything to help out your fellow enthusiasts.

I went to thingverse to download the prox/limit switch mounts but I dont see one for X carriage?

I only see one for Z and Y or am I just being blinded by an unfamiliar site process?

Please advise.

Hey Rafi,

No you are right there is no file. i just taped two holes in the metal plate and screwed the X one on. + some adhesive backing

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Finished up the electronic cabinet after a while now.

Inserted heatserts to securely lock my screws and connected and wired all the limit switches and routed all cables properly. So electronic done :heavy_check_mark:.

Still waiting for the aluminium baseplate…

Next thing is to fill the aluminium beams with Epoxy sand mixture. And then assembling the new feet with dampening pads.


Purchase link for the feet and damping pads?

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Unfortunately all in german…It’s a shop for aluminium extrusion and it’s accessories so should be sourcable somewhere else as well.

The nice thing is that you can choose between different damper and plate sizes :heart:

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Is OCD ever really cured?

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Okay no further updates but my first alloy cut with the actual state (◍•ᴗ•◍):heart:

The new damping feet help a lot and the machine sits really sturdy…


How do the dampening feet help? Do they level the bed better? Reduce chatter?

Im comparing to the original plastic ones with this you got more surface contact to the ground , the dampening pads help to reduce chatter and the spherical head helps tho level out the Machine.

(But thats just my first impression) im preparing a test set up for my upgrades measuring amplitude with sand/epoxy infill and the feet.

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thicc boy is coming

all holes are so designed that they are 0,2 mm undersized and i can get the perfect fit for my inserts

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Especially my wife want to thank carbide 3d :joy::joy::joy:

Hdz , bitsetter and hd nuts arrived :heart:


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Since we have quarantine here in Germany i have some additional spare to go further with my Shapeoko beside the weeky workload of milling on that little machine

I decided to Sandfill the beams after some test and didn’t like the Idea just to pour it in like a douche with to less free time @home soooo let me intruduce you the over engineered Sand infill blocker 9000

Really simple design, by tightening the screw you force out the “jaws” and lock that thing super stury in place. its designed with tight tolerances as well so the baseplate seals very well for its own.


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