Cut depth doesn't match settings

New Shapeoko 3 XXL user here… Trying to create a threaded waste board with a file from Myers Woodshop and even though the max depth is set to 0.08 (which is confirmed in the g code), my cuts are coming out at about .158.

I’ve checked the tension of the Z belt, I’ve reset zero at the top of my stock 4 different times… What am I missing or doing wrong? I can’t find any help in a search.


Hi welcome, Mitch!

How thick is your stock? When you’re zero’ing are you using the paper method, BitZero, or some other strategy? Your cuts are off by a consistent .150” each time?

Thanks for having me.

My stock is 3/4" MDF. I’m using the paper method to zero. At first my cuts were even deeper, at .22ish, but I’m pretty sure that was a zeroing error because I jogged the Z lower than it needed to be and didn’t catch that I was lowering by .1.

Figured this out on my own. I have the Z plus, which means I have to double up my wasteboard -_-

The MDF being sandiched between the base plate and the top piece was raised in the back, not being fully held flat against the base. This caused cuts towards the rear of the board to be much deeper while cuts at the front were either perfect or too shallow.


With the Z-Plus, you need to double up your wasteboard? This isn’t something I realized. Why is that?

Thanks for the reference…but I use a 3/4" wasteboard with my stock Z…the comment that caught my eye was DOUBLING the wasteboard. Does this mean that the Z-Plus will not reach 3/4" over the stock baseboard with a bit of say 1"?

I believe that those with a Z-Plus have settled on 1-1/4" (3/4" + 1/2") of wasteboard to allow all tools to reach.

OK thanks. Just another consideration in the decision of if/what to upgrade.

I wish it posted the whole post as is, but if you expand the quote from Edward that I posted, he included a DIY easy tram plate that would bring you back to belt driven Z depth if you preferred that route. There are options.

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Yeah, as someone with only 3 operations under my belt I’d rather just double up the wasteboard because it’s easier than messing around with machining aluminum for now. I think at some point I will jump in and do that, but this is a good temporary solution. I don’t need that extra depth on cuts or anything, so as long as both boards are flat I figure I’m okay (especially after a surfacing pass).