Designing a cutting board with multiple angles

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Given a design such as:

One could create this in several ways.

First import it onto a background layer as a reference:

If the design were rotated so as to be more rectangular one might draw it up using rectangles and circles, but since it is mostly organic in presentation it is simpler to simply draw it up using the curve/polyline tool.

There are multiple ways to do this, one of the more straight-forward in Carbide Create is to use the Polyline tool first to just create lines which go to the various points of the object and define a rough outline:

Then use Node Edit:

selecting all of the nodes:

and then using the right-click menu to “Toggle Smooth”:

turn off Snap to Grid, and drag the on- and off-curve nodes around to achieve the desired design, removing any unnecessary nodes, and adding them using right-click where needed:

Set the text:

Drag it into position and rotate as necessary:

Assign suitable toolpaths to cut things out, and if desired, either model the rounding along the edges, or simply smooth the board with a rasp.

Such angles would need to either be modeled in 3D using Carbide Create Pro:

or cut using a suitable tool:

or cut progressively using multiple geometries and toolpaths:


This is super helpful! Thank you so much!

Not exactly the same one but here’s a couple your welcome to use.

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