Spoon Possible without CC Pro?

I’d like to make a wooden spoon and was wondering if that’s possible to do with the standard CC? Can it be done with a bowl bit? I don’t have one but can pick one up. Thanks!

Yes, if one either:

  • sources a bowl bit which has geometry which matches the spoon one wishes to make


  • if one is willing to draw the contours and assign toolpaths for each layer of the spoon, see:

Thanks for the reading Will. I understand the idea but am having a little trouble visualizing how to to apply that to the geomtry of a spoon. Any chance you could whip up a quick example in CC for me?. Thanks so much.

Draw up a spoon:

Draw up the stock and the spoon in profile:

Then draw up the tools in profile and divide things as necessary.

Then inset as necessary:

and assign a toolpath to the correct depth:

Repeat until one arrives at the need for a central line to clean up the bottom:

which all previews as:


Spoon.c2d (380 KB)

Working up a matching file for the bottom of the spoon is left as an exercise for the reader.

That’s fantastic, thanks so much.

Of course, doing this in Pro is much more straight-forward:


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