Difficulties importing SVG

I have Inkscape and CCPro. Neither seem to be able to convert the SVG file.

I’m not in front of the computer right not for step by step but there is an import function which will allow you to pull in the SVG file.

If you have trouble importing an SVG post it here and we will look into it with you.

When I try to upload SVG files, like the one above, I get the following:


Attempted twice to upload the file, but even though it shows in my note creation, nothing shows up when I click on “reply” to post???

When the file is opened in Inkscape it shows as empty:

Opening it in a text editor we see that it is just the framework for an SVG file, but w/o content:

You will need to actually select vectors and include them when exporting to SVG.

When you add a JPG to Inkscape, you need to pick, Path, “Trace Bitmap” to convert it to vectors. When you do this, you will have two copies of the image. Delete the JPG and you’ll have just the vectors.

Another thing I learned is that if you type text in Inkscape, you need to select it and choose Path, Object to Path in order for it to be vectors in the SVG file.


Well, I understand the trace/bitmap in inkscape but there must be something else because I tell it to save the resultant and I get something that says what I posted above in CCPro.

Maybe I’m picking the incorrect svg file type in inkscape? There are 5 or 6 svg file types to pick from: plain, compressed, compressed plain; etc. Is there a “best” one to pick??

Let me know what type you use and I’ll try it.


Save the svg from Inkscape as “Plain SVG”. The Inkscape SVG may work but CC is expecting a 96 DPI svg. Some of the other svg files save in a different DPI. Since and SVG can be resized you draw a box the size you want and shrink/grow the image to fit inside the box you created the size you want.

In recent versions of Inkscape you get messages when importing an svg image. It has to do with text usually and is not important if you get the image you wanted. In Inkscape in the trace bit map there are a lot of controls to change the image density and thresholds. In my current version of Inkscape the preview image has stopped working. So just save the image as a plain svg which is 96 DPI and is compatible with CC. The SVG image standard is not standardized so different applications that save svg files have different standards. There is an svg standard but it is not strictly interpreted by different software.

Appreciate the info on the file type. I’ll stick with the plain svg and maybe that will help to get me going.


Sorry, posted to the old thread.
Purchased the attached SVG file and tried to import it into CCPro. CCPro “thinks” it loaded it, but nothing shows up in the program.

Here is the file.

I figured it out and posted to the other thread (Didn’t see it had been split off). The file is showing a cloned image, the original is hidden in the defs. The key is in the info section of the bottom of the inkscape window (One of the most incredibly useful things to look at when you have a file problem) Here I have drilled down in the layers and selected the object. Notice the info:

If I try to do Shift-D to show the original I get this:

I googled “inkscape the object you are trying to select is not visible it is in defs” and bob’s your uncle.

Select the object and then go to Edit → Clone → Unlink Clone. Save the file and it should all be good. That little info window has saved my bacon several times.

Here is the new file:

b05f9a93fa36b51d1b9c84bd52c09e1568b4febb new

I loaded into Inkscape and did the EDIT/CLONE/UNlink Clone. Saved the file and still doesn’t work in CCPro. Why does everybody think importing SVG files is a simple things to do? Not easy.

Went back to the creator of the file and ask them about trying to get it to work. They know nothing about CCPro nor Inkscape so no help.

Guess i’m just out of luck and have to stay away from SVG files and non-usable.

An SGV file is a set of vector lines which CC can follow without modification or interpretation, as basic as CNC gets. With a particular line or shape selected in CC, you can set up a tool path to cut to along selected vectors, inside a vector shape or outside that shape That’s the basics anyway. You can create SVGs within CC or within just about any drawing program

OK! If it is so easy, how come I just purchased this file from Etsy and when I try to load it, NOTHING show ups??? UGH!

Nice. It shows up in the posting, but not in CCPro???

I can open it in Inkscape but the layers show up with a lock next to the object. I also cannot change line colors or anything. It doesn’t act like a vector to me. Something is funky.

Aha! I got it. The image is a clone of an object that is hidden (this is a way to keep things from getting accidentally deleted). In Inkscape I did, Edit → Clone-> Unlink Clone and it works now. Give this file a shot.
b05f9a93fa36b51d1b9c84bd52c09e1568b4febb new

Doesn’t work for me. In Inkscape I loaded the file. Selected it and went to EDIT/CLONE/Unlink Clone. Saved the file. Still doesn’t load into CCPro???