What did you cut on your Shapeoko/ Nomad today?

I love the chunky and the hex.

Nice! Found some patterns on Etsy that will work. Didn’t know they were there so info really helped.

Thanks everyone and I’ll post results as soon as I get some time to cut them.

Which box file did you use? Or did you create your own?

I created my own in Fusion360. If you use Fusion360 I dont mind sharing it. Just PM me and ill send it when i get back home.

How do you convert SVG to something we can use directly in CCPro?

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I didn’t actually cut anything on my Shapeoko today, but I did make a table for the new s5 pro. Unfortunately I need to wait til my router arrives before I can use the s5. I had ambitions of using a Makita that I had on hand, but the cord is far too short for the travel of the 4x2. Tuckered out the shop pups in the process!


Have you gotten any SVG to import into CC?

If not, try importing a simple one like Sixteenth musical note | Free SVG
just to prove out the process.

That NOTE file imports with a box around it and small, but does load.

Nice looking table. My only thought about is it does not have wheels. With the weight of the table and machine it will be hard to move around. I like to have everything in my shop on wheels so I can do maintenance, cleaning or repairs.

Your dogs look very excited about your new table. I guess they were just waiting until you were through with the building to wake up and inspect the work.

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I have wheels on my other cnc, but this one I have on leveling feet. The feet slide ok across the garage floor. That may change once I add the weight of an enclosure. Wheels may be something I eventually put on, but I don’t find myself moving the machines very often. In fact, my other machine only has wheels because I bought another house and it was easier
to move it that way.

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Brian, where did you get those black corner brackets for your table? They look purty beefy.

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I ordered them from Amazon. They’re made by a company named Bell Forge and made in the USA. The material is 3/16” thick steel so they are pretty beefy, but they aren’t exactly cheap. I wanted stability so I was willing to pay the premium. I paid $120 for the brackets.


Always willing to buy USA over Chinese. Thanks!


I’ve seen a similar product at Lowes. They are used to build pergolas and other things. Definitely not cheap, for what you get.

How could these be made cheaper? How could you know how to make these cheaper?

One can buy an avocado for $2 or one for $0.79. Which one is cheaper? Don’t you have to know a whole lot about avocados and dinner parties to answer that? :grinning:

These guys might have the answer:


It probably involves china.

You never know what you’re going to cut from one day to the next. I didn’t have Lego on my past cut list. :smiley:

I took a picture of the phone case and used it as a canvas in F360. Along with some calipers I got a starting point. I 3D printed flat patterns until I got a good fit. Then started cutting on the SO5.


SVGs will open directly in CCPro, that being said, some programs create SVGs which open blank (Silouette studio for example)… There is a work around.

Open the SVG in Inkscape, ensure the SVG fits in the canvas, adjust the canvas if need be. Then save as a PDF file. Open the PDF file in inkscape, and hit save as again, this time as an SVG. It will then open in CCPro. Hope that makes sense.

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