Doing 3D designs in Carbide Create

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I wrote up a bit on this at:

The difficulty here is that one needs the underlying 2D geometry, and it needs to usually represent a region in multiple ways — here are the basics of this:

and also see:


I see in your recent e-mail to support that you have an STL — that of course greatly simplifies things, see:

and also see


We should be able to work through this with you on support.

Given the STL file:

after repairing it:

we can then get the dimensions:

and import it into Carbide Create:

which shows us the 3D model thus made:

To cut the file out select the auto-traced geometry:

and offset to the outside by the endmill diameter plus 10%:

and then apply 3D Roughing and 3D Finishing toolpaths:

Going down to the smallest tool sold by Carbide 3D and increasing the stepover we arrive at:

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Thank you. I think I understand. I have been reading the articles you recommended and am gaining a better grasp of things. The problem is that I mostly only have weekends to reply or study up on the art of CNC. However, from reading through this reply, I do see a few things I did wrong. I will try to adjust and see if I can’t replicate your results working with the file. Thank you so much for the incite.