Creating a project from an STL file

as requested on support…

Given an STL file:

which one wants to cut out as:


one first loads it into Carbide Create Pro:

which previews in 3D as expected:

When an STL is imported, the perimeter will be traced:

Assuming one wants to cut around the 3D object, one offsets from this by endmill diameter plus 10% or so:

It is then possible to assign a 3D roughing toolpath using this offset geometry:

Then a 3D Finishing toolpath may be assigned:

The object in question is quite small, so one would inset the offset geometry by the radius of each successive tool:


and assign a 3D Finishing toolpath to each successive tool:

and iterate down until one arrives at a tool which has shorter cutting flute length than the sides of the part (determining that is left as an exercise for the reader — when that point is reached, offset from the original perimeter geometry to the outside by slightly less than the diameter of the tool)

Adjust stepover as needed:

and iterate until one arrives at what is desired:

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