Dust options hdz?

Yes, same here, the ears will make contact first.


The mounting bracket for the dust shoe attaches easily with a total of 4 screws. The system also has a hose management option to keep the hose out of the workspace and work surface.

The system has been in use for over two years in a production environment on two machines by my son’s company and works very well with shop vacuums, dust extractors, and dust collectors.

I’ll have photos and videos posted this weekend, as well as the web store open for orders.

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It runs under the back of the gantry, so you have to relocate the control box on a standard S3, right? I guess you lose some clearance under the gantry as well?

Well, I got it setup and there’s much less room on the sides than I thought. I got the 65mm HD mount, so that goes all the way to the edges of the HDZ. Only leaves something like 1/2" clearance on the sides. I guess I’ll have to lose some space for the suckit arms. I still want to try and minimize it though. Back to the drawing board…


Watch out for the rabbit holes! Last time I said ‘well let’s go back to the drawing board’ about my suckit dust shoe, I ended up designing this 3D-printed montrosity (and having loads of fun in the process)


Isn’t that the way it always goes


Sorry, flu bug got me over the weekend. Not as fun as finding Luke’s stash of beers.

I hope to have it uploaded by Wednesday evening, sorry for the delay.

We can finally share the dust boot we’ve been working on:

Starting today, every Shapeoko will ship with a free Sweepy and once we have enough inventory, we’ll sell them separately.

I wish we had kept every design prototype that we tried in the past 18 months just to show how many iterations that we went through. In the end we decided to try building the “Simplest Thing That Could Possible Work” and that ended up being everyone’s favorite. It’s also cheap enough that we can include a Sweepy with every Shapeoko.

Most importantly, it doesn’t bolt onto the Z so you don’t lose any X travel no matter what Z unit you have.

(I think @Luke is waiting for someone to hand his beer back to him now)


I like it very much and will be ordering one.

You should know that the 65mm version will work with many 800W spindles too which are the same size as the Makita

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I’m a bit confused as to how you adjust the height of the shoe based on the material height…I’m used to the Suckit where the height of the shoe constant and is adjustable to work piece height.

you…don’t. Works ok when total depth of cut is not huge and the bristles can flex enough to accomodate the difference.


I await patiently. OK not so patiently. I did put in my email for a notification for when it becomes for sale. I thought about buying a new machine to get one quicker and throwing away the machine but my wife didnt understand that logic.


Call me biased but I think your logic checks out.

Once we get some inventory built up, we’ll have an inexpensive add-on with a number of additional brush lengths. We’ve found that the suction is good enough that the brush length doesn’t matter a lot- it’s fine to leave a gap. (Which is ultimately what made us choose this over the Z independent designs we had) In fact, I think Winston’s favorite was the no-brush option.


Possibly include an option with a charcoal filter that we can use with the lasers. Suck up the smoke.

Do you have an estimate of when this will be?

that design has a separate “no brushes” bottom plate… would love to also have one of those in the premium kit

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Hopefully not too long (I’m hoping for a week). We’re still getting assembly ramped up so it’s taking longer than we’d like.

Normally, we’d wait until we had enough inventory for a proper launch but in this case, we wanted to get them shipping in new machines ASAP.

Funny you should mention this :wink:

I’ve been using the SuckIt dust boot all along and like the fact that it’s Z independent. With the new Sweepy being attached directly to the router is there any degradation, or improvement, in performance over the fixed Z type? I do like that fact that it doesn’t use up any of the available X travel. And the price is certainly a nice feature.

I’ll ask @wmoy to jump in here as the resident Dust Boot Tester, but no, we don’t see any degradation.