Dust shoe videos collection

I will try, worth a shot!

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I used to do that before I got my progressive press, but I have since switched to a metal funnel a decade and a half ago.


I was a couple of months away from buying a Dillon 650, but I bought a Shapeoko 3 instead. Now I CNC and 3D print and CAD design for my “me” time.

I still have my single stage press and supplies, just in case the need to make some ammo arises though.


Until I summon enough motivation to continue fighting the cameras, I reinstalled the original one for “day to day cuts”.

Bamboo, 3flute 6mm square endmill, 20000RPM, 90ipm after helical ramp, 1mm optimal load,

Adaptive, 15mm depth of cut


Also, finishing using a 1/8" endmill with a 1.3" lengh of cut is interesting (=scary)



What are you carving, is it an architectural model, art, an abstract, what is it? I saw this on another of your posts and I have been wondering every since.

Add an air nozzle blowing directly at the lens protector. Should blow the chips off fairly well.

Just the 6 pieces of a puzzle cube I have been working on for the community challenge.

It would, and then my dust shoe would really become the most over-engineered ever :slight_smile:
My air compressor (read: airbush compressor) tends to heat-up during long runs, so I would first need to take care of that.
Truth be told I’m slowly coming to the conclusion that I want two setups: a dust shoe with simple hole for a borescope to capture HD at 30fps for day to day use / monitoring my cuts, and another dedicated dust shoe with the 330fps camera that I would use only when I need the extra fps (and that second one could have the air jet and be more awkward to use)

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I hate those full depth plunge finishing cuts. They seem so sketchy and sound terrible, especially when you come in from a flat to a wall, its like 1% cutter engagement to 100% instantly.

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Absolutely. My initial plan was to use a ballnose to finish just the rounded parts at mid-height, and then use that long 1/8" endmill to do a contour finishing pass at full depth. The rubbing incident drenched my enthusiasm so I resorted to running a parallel finishing pass to at least get to see how the parts would look (not good), and now I’m back to the drawing board.

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