Edit an Outline

I have an outline of a Guitar that I want to edit i.e. change the shape of part of the outline.

Any idea how to do this in Carbide Create?


Hey David. I’m not sure which version introduced it, but the “Trace Image” function is the starting point:
When the image is traced, it will automatically be joined into a single object…so
Step 2: Scale it to the size you need

Step 3: UnGroup it

Step 4: Select the vectors you want to edit
Step 5: Click Node Edit
Then you can change the shapes…

Is the outline geometry already? If so, there’s no need for Image Tracing.

As noted, you will then be able to use Node Editing to change the shape of the outline. See:

Is there a video which shows how to edit a curve in Carbide Create?

If you’ll post the file here (or mail it in to support@carbide3d.com), and a description of what you wish to do, we’ll work up step-by-step instructions on this.

Many thanks for offering to help.

I post the original file and one with a red line that shows an arc I want to cut out. Sorry I do not know what “words” to use. The “arc” is just for an example and needs to be more accurate.


Also how to cut the pockets, setting depth etc. would be a great help as well.

Those are pixel images, not SVGs.

Anyway, to cut the arc in question (after auto-tracing and importing the pixel image to line things up:

Draw a circle which approximates what you wish to cut away:

Select the guitar outline:

shift-click on the circle to add it as the key object (indicated by a dashed highlight):

Boolean Subtract:

For cutting the pockets, that should be done in accordance w/ the instructions which accompany the plans.

I’d suggest either using really inexpensive material for an initial prototype or making a much simpler and smaller project to start.

But the plans don’t tell you how to do it. How can they with do much different software out there.

Plans just show you dimensions.

That was great until you got to “boolean subtract”.

What is that?

Boolean Subtract is the command to subtract one object from another:


Thank you. Just shows what I know.

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