End Mill and tool storage (show your setup)

Hi All,
I keep all my end mills in their case in a plastic organizer. Helps keep the dust off them etc. My shop is so small I can’t hardly organize my thoughts let alone my tools. But maybe tool organization is what I need.

Show your tool organization or comments on what is good or bad about it. Are those trays really effective? Where do you store them?

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I’ve been using a series of small plastic organizers:

in particular:


I’d recommend buying a couple of them — they have an assortment of different box layouts, and it’s nice to be able to pick/choose — this size is also available pre-filled w/ hardware, and from other sources (found a pack of 3 at Michael’s which was reasonably affordable w/ a 40% off coupon).

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Thanks for the links and previous post. I don’t think I was a member here yet when that was posted, but could have used the search. LOL.

I just got a pack of these for the drawers on my work bench work really well they clip together so they aren’t all sliding around eventually gonna build a drawer on my cnc bench and put them their but someday lol


This box currently sets on my SO4 and holds the clamps and hold down devices. It fits under the gantry and I can leave it there even while running most parts. Maybe a second one? Need to see if they make a shallower version.


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I have a Craftsman middle tool box that I keep my bits in. The top drawer has my measuring tools and other tools needed for the Shapeoko. The bottom drawer is for bits. I bought a storage box from Harbor Freight that holds the majority of my tools. I keep them separated by size in the different compartments.

In addition I have a word processor document with my inventory. As I retire or get new bits I update it. I keep it on my phone is a pdf format so if I find a good deal on a router bit I know what I have and if I need it. I am a clearance table shopper.


This was a bad idea, but it still makes me happy.

  • New bits make me have to redesign the plastic insert.
  • The finger cutting side of the bit is aimed right at me.
  • It’s heavy.

For other ideas check out the very first Carbide 3D contest.


Yeah, that is dead-sexy for sure. I appreciate the feedback on the practicality of the box. That is part of what I struggle with. How to organize (and not just toss in a oversize box, but make it practical and useable.

I went super simple. I used a piece of 2x4 lying about, threw some stain on it, and then just V-carved the letters and drilled holes. Works well enough for me and cost $0.


I used a piece of oak I had spare and made this to hold everything I use frequently at the machine for mills and work holding.


Been printing a bunch of these Schaller-esk Bins by wyldesyde007 - Thingiverse 2x4 bins seem to be the sweet spot to hold 1/8 and 1/4 bits in their factory holders.


I like to keep a bunch of bits on hand, so I buy these little containers that hold 10 - 1/8" shank bits each. Every case is labeled with the bit inside.

I’ll have to upload a better picture of the completed trays that hold the cases later. I can’t find it right now for some reason.


To get my feet wet with CNC I’ve been going through the Woodsmith CNC Basecamp tutorials and found this tool box project to be exactly what I needed. CNC Basecamp | Woodsmith
I mounted to the wall next to my machine with a simple French cleat. I need to make a bit holding insert for the drawer so I appreciate the ideas on this page.


I have about half my bits in these types of trays/boxes, but more recently my bits have been coming in the small square tubes. Could consider buying more of those cases. Where did you find those?

How do get your machine on the wall like that and how do you use it?

My machine is a Onefinity Journeyman and I ordered the wall mounting kit with it. I haven’t had any issues yet as the wall mount is designed for the machine. I’ve gotten a few questions on my setup and am in the process of making a video for it and will put that up on my instagram @ForestAvenueHome when it’s done. There is NO WAY I could fit that machine in my shop otherwise. Absolute life saver.

I used to get the containers when I ordered bits from Drillman1 on Ebay, but lately, they have been coming in larger trays or other containers that are not those as well. I had to search quite a bit because firstly, I had no idea what they were called.

I ended up finding them at AliExpress and the search term to find them is " 10 Holes Nail Drill Bit Case". There appear to be a few stores selling them with random names, but it is just an illusion of choice. They all have the same inventory quantity. You’ll pay around $3.00 - $3.75/ea unless you want them to take two months to arrive.


Thanks. I place orders with DrillMan1 at least once a month. Sometimes though, he ships in the smaller 3 space container if I don’t order a large enough quantity of a certain bit (understandable). Wonder if they have something comparable for 1/4" shank bits?

Really appreciate the responses thus far. Gives me plenty to obsess over…LOL.

The Shapeoko will not work mounted vertically. You can store it vertically if you move your gantry to the position his machine is in. Many people have made a mount that folds up to the wall but you cannot use the vertical orientation since the machine was designed to work horizontally. The added weight of everything will make things happen you dont want to happen.

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