Engine turning my new aluminum base

Engine turning
My new Base for my XXL is almost finished, and I am wondering if I can use my cnc to put a nice design on it??

Yes, but…

  1. It’ll take a little trial and error, and probably some hand coded g-code.
  2. You can’t reach the whole thing if it’s mounted, you would need to tile it.

I find that the spindle is a little too fast, but here is something I did about 18 months ago on the Shapeoko3

I hot glued a 3M Scotchbrite to the head of a 1/4-20 flathead screw, and then a piece of 120 grit paper to the Scotchbride (This acted a cushion/spring). I placed the screw (thread) into the 1/4 collet


Thank you for the responses, I think that I could probably do a decent job with setting up a jig and doing it manually but figured if I could have the machine do it without to much setup trouble then I would try using the CNC to work the machinable area of the base and fill in the rest by hand.

Hey blackjack - can you post some pics and details of your new base? I just got my xxl going and I’d like to make an aluminum base in the future. Thanks!

The new base is .5" 6061 aluminum plate When I get it installed I will post some pics

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