Error opening cc

Hello all just downloaded cc running windows 7 ultimate upon open of cc get this :
the procedure entry point get system time as precise as file could not be located in the dynamic link library kernel 32.dll.Anyone have same problem. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times updated visual c++ 2013 can not get cc to work any help would be great thank you. Sparky

Probably this will fix things for you

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Thank You cc does now open… now the left window is all black with no shapes or anything showing ? only top shows file, edit, view, help,
any ideas? Thank You again for your help.

Apparently, other people have fixed the “black window” problem by updating their OS, you may want to try that ?

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Thank You i downloaded updates and revised my display to 64 bit and all is working ! Thank You again .

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Are you on MacOS? Where do you “revise your display to 64 bit”?

Hello not running mac, windows 7 in the lower right clicked on show hidden icons and opened Intel ® HD graphics not exactly sure what it said but had 64 and I checked it sorry was kind of by accident so not really sure hope it might help you .

Try Build 432: