Fusion 360 machine configuration for Nomad 3


I am new to CNC. I have a Nomad 3 coming. In Fusion360 you can create a machine configuration. Has anyone created one for the Nomad 3? Or where do I get the information on the Nomad 3 to complete the machine configuration?



This has been discussed previously:

There is supposed to be a list of machine descriptions at:

and there was one done for an XL which might work as a starting point:

and there’s a video on them:

Thanks, I saw that but it was for the Shapeoko 3, not the Nomad. Would the setting essentially be the same?

No, a Nomad configuration would be different (if only because of the different travel dimensions).

Honestly, no one has reported a tremendous added value to creating machine models/configuration in F360 yet, some of us played with it a bit, it’s fun for 5 minutes, but useful, not so much.

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The concept of the setting should be the same — my understanding is that watching the video would allow one to learn how to set up any machine, but as @Julien noted, the benefits are limited.

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