Hardcore Aluminum milling on an S3

(Magnus) #185

realy inspiring work you do with you machines

(Vince) #186

@ydrefalk thank you! Beats having a real job :joy:


(Vince) #187

1" thick 0.125 plenum spacers. Because if it can run this deep full width no issues it can do anything

(Vince) #188

Evo guys are getting stoked! Almost ready for final melting

(Vince) #189

It’s not impossible
Its improbable
Work till you can’t fail

(Vince) #190

Mixed method digital fabrication partaaaaay

(Griff ) #191

Sweet. Love the attention to detail.

(Alan Nicholson) #192

Vince…stop with the goodies or I will never be satisfied with my abilities. Then again maybe that is a good thing.

For those who wonder if the Shapeoko is a decent machine your work proves its capabilities can be greater than many operators will ever master.

(Vince) #193

@Griff Its been really awesome having a customer that appreciates the time and effort! Its the details that set you apart

@Gerryattrick its totally possible to be satisfied and still keep a learning curve. The key is to throw in an uncomfortable aspect every once in awhile. I’m far from mastering it myself but have a pretty good understanding.

The Shapeoko has been a great teacher and its very comforting knowing that its still much better than I.

(Vince) #194

DATRON 8MM - best ever endmill. More on that later
Sock Needles! 10mm depth adaptive was fun

(Griff ) #195

So…which Datron 8mm? Single flute, flat, 30 degree spiral or?

(Josh) #196

Datron 8mm Single according to facebook.

(Vince) #197

I’ll get you the part number when I get to the shop Griff. I think its the top of the line bad mamajama.

Balanced. ZERO vibration at 30k

(Vince) #198

8mm 0068808X. So looks like the 4 in 1. This is a photo after use… can’t even tell I might have abused it a little :joy:

(Daniel Story) #200

Does this mean I can’t talk about what I saw? :laughing:

(Vince) #201

Lol. I decided to post about that stuff when I have an operational prototype, so many options but trying to go with a mostly bolt on setup

(Daniel Story) #202

Understandable. I was gonna ask, when you feel you’d the reach the tipping point in Shapeoko mods vs getting a new CNC platform? (time, materials, prototypes vs cost of another platform).

(Vince) #203

That’s a good question. Honestly, it’s much easier to upgrade this during the learning process then to think about getting another platform. There is an option that I might explore for a different frame but still using the shapeoko3 brain and electronics, still want need to keep high feed rates and it looks like 1610 ballscrews might be able to do about 600ipm.

I’m far from perfect and not having the fear of doing major costly damage to the cnc from a crash or pushing the limits is part of being able to keep a steady learning curve. It’s also much easier to spend a couple hundred bucks here and there on upgrades and that process has really let me understand how everything works and effects things.

If I had the money ide get a Datron for sure. 60,000 rpm and linear rails are goals this year for my s3s…maaaaybe ATC. I live a simple shop life and its nice not having a huge financial pressure to perform.

(Daniel Story) #204

I was a little surprised that I haven’t see any resources/traction on a S3 upgrade to the axis plates to support [lead or ball] screws, been something on my mind that I have been debating to take the leap.

ATC is a fascinating challenge in a pro-consumer/hobby level budget, ATC adapters is a interesting concept from like CNC CAT or Mechatron though neither are spec’d for your 60k rpm goal.

(Stuart) #205

That’s the beauty of the SO3 I reckon, relative to other CNCs it costs nothing to get into and modify/repair. Such a capable machine at a low pricepoint

I have looked at Hiwin HGR15 15mm rails, then 1610 ballscrews on the SO3. This would require new end plates & carriage. Then it ends up that the only part you’re keeping is the extrusions, so might at well replace them and get a bit more working area/rigidity by replacing the frame with extrusions… Then i just go round in circles wondering if i’m just better making a whole new machine and selling the stockish SO3…

The datrons look awesome, and the software is kickass too, cameras in the head to help select zero is pretty next level.