Hardcore Aluminum milling on an S3

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While collet adapters aren’t optimal, they aren’t impossible. And imo the added challenge might make for a good lesson or two. Let’s try what Winston calls, a scientific approach.

I measured total indicated runnout because I was curious how close it was and if it could be adjusted in the same way the Saunders did in a video awhile back.

Mitotuyo 0.0001 indicator

Before - 0.005 TIR (not awesome, but needs to be accounted for when using small tooling if you don’t plan to check and adjust)

After - 0.0002 TIR

From what I’ve read, 0.0005 is generally accepted as good enough and im usually happy to be within 0.001. Who would have guessed you could tippy tap it into two tenths?

Try to buy the best you can, but learn to work with what you have :wink:

NYCCNC runnout vid

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Thanks Will. I’ve purchased collets/nuts from those sources, work great.

My ears perked up because I was thinking along the lines of enabling the use of mm dimensioned mills. As I recall, it’s been a couple of years now, those suppliers only offer “standard” collet sizes, I’ll check.

(William Adams) #228

Elaire at least offers metric, and they’re amenable to custom runs — that’s how the initial run of 1/8" precision collets for the Makita were done (see discussion on the other forums)

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Datron 3mm officially my favorite tool

(Stuart) #230

What are you comparing it to? How hard could you push it?

(Vince) #231

@stutaylo Compared to a HSS single.
0.015-0.010 @ 60-80

Now cut 0.040 @ 100ipm (full width slotting) and it was just eating it up. Definitely need to order a few more of these and do some harder testing. This is the 3mm 0068803E, reduced neck with 0.500 depth which is awesome!

(Vince) #233

Tweaking on those chips, same 3mm, all the shiny

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In fusion 360 how do you do adaptive clearing around that part to a set boundary? When I tired that on a bottle opener I was making it wanted to plunge straight in. I wanted to be able to machine just around the part even though the stock was bigger and I wanted to make sure that it did a helical plunge to full depth before it started the adaptive but I couldn’t figure it out. I ended up machining the stock down to size before running my part but this was very time consuming. Hopefully this question made sense and maybe you can point me in the right direction.

(Vince) #235

PM me a shareable link if possible, we’ll get you all setup.

Easiest way

(Pete) #236

awesome, i will try to get that sent over tonight!

(mikep) #237

It has to be 3d adaptive, and you need to enable multiple depths + ramping.

(Stuart) #238

I’m sure Vince will have you sorted out in no time, but below is something I have found helps a lot in fusion when you’re struggling to get toolpaths where you want them.

Create a sketch on the top plane of your object then offset your outside profile by whatever amount (I did 8mm) - make sure the sketch is visible then go to the manufacture tab

When you are selecting geometry for your 2d adaptive toolpath select both the outline of the part and the offset sketch - it should highlight the gap in blue. You may also need to change your ‘bottom height’ as requried as it may default to the height of the sketch

These are the settings I successfully use to helix into aly with a 1/4" bit, you can probably go harder but it works for me :+1:

This should be the result you’re looking for - I just left it as a single depth at the top of the object height so its easier to see

And the helix close up

(Vince) #239

Depends on what you want to do, they way I did mine was selecting containment boundaries. Was helpful to test cam and adjust stock to leave on one part when running a batch

Sketch based cam is really useful too

(Pete) #240

very nice write up! I will give this a shot and see if I can get it figured out!

Thanks guys!!

(Neil Ferreri) #241

I just add an offset to the containment boundary.


(Daniel Story) #242

Hi Folks, in video form:
Fixing Fusion 360 CAM Toolpaths: 2D Adaptive and 3D Contour! FF56
Fusion 360 CAM: 3D Toolpath Containment! FF55
How to Avoid Slotting in Fusion 360! FF92
Fusion 360 2D Adaptive Toolpath Containment! FF106
Fusion 360 CAM Tip: How to Contain 2D Adaptive Toolpaths | FF132

All useful, informative content on CAM techniques using adaptive and path containment.

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(Stuart) #244

Ah two awesome options there too… thanks for pointing it out :slight_smile:

On a bit of a side note, I have two other queries…I’m actually trying to get the cam dialled for that exact same part you posted there @neilferreri … but keep getting this mess in the through hole. Have tried both 2d and 3 adaptive… can’t seem to work it out- would you mind sharing your ‘passes’ and ‘linking’ settings for that part?

Second one is I’m chasing some rough figures for adaptive with a 1/8 single flute endmill. @Vince.Fab mentioned just above that you were running a HSS 1/8 at 0.010 DOC @ 60-80IPM, how does that translate into your adaptive paths? the most successful settings I’ve found are 20krpm, 60IPM, 0.012 Opt load, 0.025 DOC. It feels like its not taking enough of a bite, and its sort of rolling up the edges of the pocket… but thats 0.003" feed per tooth which seems about right… ideas?

This has been my afternoon haha

(Neil Ferreri) #245

Here’s the one I used. Ignore the OLD_MILL setup in the CAM (anyone else get lost for a minute when they changed it to “Manufacture”?).

Actually increased my feed while going.

Video of part of cut: https://photos.app.goo.gl/svsTfkiMzqkqYM5e7

(Stuart) #246

Ah awesome, thank you. Still not sure exactly what I had wrong but that has it sorted.

Any reason you went with conventional milling rather than climb for the adaptive? I was under the impression that with a non-rigid machine like the SO3 you should climb mill as it puts less force on the bit, and less likely to chatter.

Also I noticed that you run about half the optimal load and double the DOC as I do… are you running the HDZ or does it work alright with the standard Z axis? I’ll give it a shot tonight anyhow, whats the worst that can happen?

Thanks again - this forum has taught me so much