Hardcore Aluminum milling on an S3

(Neil Ferreri) #247

I took a guess on what to do based on reading a lot of differing opinions. I did use a climb cutting pass to finish the sides.

And I think I did this right after the HDZ upgrade. I think I could’ve cut deeper. I was thinking that it’s probably better to engage as much of the cutting edge as possible for heat and end mill wear. I know I cut at least 3mm DOC with the stock Z.

I’d like to see what @Vince.Fab would do with that part now that he’s going faster.

I’m pretty much winging it too. When something works, I’m usually pleasantly surprised.

Same here.

(Griff ) #248

Neil, ran the file you posted at 30k, 2500 mm/m same doc and optimal load, single flute .25” HSS end mill.

It was so nice to have a complete cam path to study. Thanks!

Will be cutting another with more aggressive doc.

(Neil Ferreri) #249

How’d it turn out, Griff?

(Griff ) #250

Work in progress, truth be told. Excited the adaptive worked out so well! Experimented with finishing passes with a 62 degree bullnose, not so happy with that. But, I have a baseline, only way to go now is up!

Vince, sorry we’ve hijacked your thread. Learning a lot though!!

3XXL 6061 Machining
(Stuart) #251

Yes sorry to hijack your thread too Vince, please keep the good stuff coming

(Vince) #252

No worries guys. As long as information is flowing, everything is gravy

@stutaylo I’ve tried that style single flute in 0.125 and they were garbage. Easier to use a tried and true hss amana imo. Cut down the variables

I have a few more aluminum projects for this week. Trying to hold off with upgrades until paying work is completed lol.

Always gotta up the challenge

(Daniel Story) #253

Plan on using a round-over (aka corner rounding) end mill or just gonna use a ball end mill for those outside edges @Vince.Fab?

(Vince) #254

Been having great luck with a 0.125 Destiny chamfer mill and could change everything to 45°, but might go 0.250 three flute finish ball. Customer wants a few extra sets of them for his other race cars because its a hard sensor to mount easily.

(Vince) #255

Como se dice Boom

(Jonathan Anderson) #256

How long do these HSS endmills last you? I’ve always seen comments about how they dull quickly but you use them with great results.

(Ken Plumadore) #257

Is it a candy dish ?

(Griff ) #258

Hey Vince, check it out!

Mine are fluffier haha, not quite so aggressive.

(Graham Gerhardt) #259

Maybe you could open an Etsy shop and sell it - need a good product name…

metallic everlasting Christmas snow?

magical Unicorn bedding?

(Luke) #260

Piss your wife off no end magic silver stuff…

(Griff ) #261

Ha, way ahead of you there, she’s threatened to not allow me in the house after a day in the shop shod nor clothed.

(Dan Nelson) #262

I just got a call at work day before yesterday from my wife, she said no more shop till I could figure out a way to keep sawdust and wood chips in the shop and not in the house. I bought a couple rubber mats with tall pips to put at the entry/exit. So far so good. Aluminum chips are a little different as they can really get buried into your soles. For that I’d recommend a pair of shop shoes that you take off , then leave a pair of house shoes just inside. Doesn’t matter how much I sweep or how good my dust collection is, I still track that stuff in, hopefully the mats will help


(Vince) #263

40ish cnc hours
Bout $10,000 in Fabrication
1000hp capable
Zero modification to chassis. Fits stock crash bar.

Feeling pretty blessed to have the right customers and a few little machines that have my back.

(Griff ) #264

Industrial art! What sort of drive train mods to accommodate 1000 HP?

(Stuart) #265

Awesome to see it all the bits you’ve made on the shapeoko in the final piece of art. It looks so tidy! (That’s Australian for F***ing awesome mate)

Thanks for sharing, a lot of people have learned a lot from this

(Vince) #266

Metal church yall