Hardcore Aluminum milling on an S3

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@Vince.Fab Got another question for you Vince. With all this metal cutting you do, and the use of a mister, how do you keep your rails clear of chips? How do you make sure you aren’t rolling over a bunch of them with your v-wheels, essentially damaging and ruining them?

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That’s a post all in itself!

@Winters636 The best part about being able to machine aggressively is being able to control chip shape, mass, and exit directions. A few deflectors, well directed air blast and a broom helps! :rofl:

I’ll probably do a write up…after a few more upgrades

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@Griff thanks! Beginning able to control the whole process has been really fun. Right now it’s a stock Evo 9 drivetrain but the owner might pull the trigger on a sequential! Only 15k lol.

The nice thing about big turbos is that your TQ hit will be much softer. That combined with driving style and it should actually last a good amount of time.

Chips looks really good btw, awesome feeling from making glitter huh!

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Customer is pulling the trigger on material

Two blocks of 20x6.5x4 for these custom plenum press dies. Starts out something like 60lbs lol

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Think I remember you using a linear shaft on your other S3, feel the linear rail makes more difference (even with the less leverage do to mounting locations)?

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@DanStory I haven’t really had a chance to truly test the new rail but its worlds above the other in just smoothness.

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@RichCournoyer your homemade single flute thread is saving my butt tonight! Thank you for sharing that info sir, four tries to get it right.

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Thanks to Ed Kramer and Richard
Success on the first shot

On today’s episode of “Things Vince does that shouldn’t work but do”

Homemade single point 0.250 threadmill made from a 1/4-28 hss tap and cnc threadmilling a 3/8-32 thread.

Link to Richards thread on threadmilling https://community.carbide3d.com/t/thread-milling-in-metal-on-the-shapeoko-3/5332

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How did you make your switch insert there? Screened? Printed?

( I ask because it looks nice, and that sort of thing is what I do for a living)

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That sticker dial face came with the kit, was thinking about engraving but its actually great for indexing.