Has anyone used files from Design and Make for Shapeoko projects

I get the Design and Make newsletter and they have some quite good models…some even free.

It seems to me that they can be had in PNG , STL and Vectric formats but not SVG. Has anyone used these in Carbide Create for SO3 projects or do you need to have one of the Vectric CAD packages to use them to create gcode.

Anyone have experience that can share?

Wrote up a bit about this here:

If you can get png you can use free Inkscape to convert to SVG. There are several online converters to take almost any format and output to svg or just about any other format.

Thanks @willadams. I’ll have a read tonight. I already have D & M Machinist which I am about to try.

@gdon_2003 thanks for your reply. I have used Inkscape for SVG conversions before…not always successfully. Also Fenrus’ app is great as an SVG converter. I was interested to see if snyone had actually used D & M files in a project on the Shapeoko and whether they had any issues. I plan to try one of their free projects to see how things go.

Carbide Create now as a native facility for tracing (which is one of the best implementations I’ve ever used):

Thats great…I missed that feature and the fact that its mono only helps me as I have some grey scale and colour images that I want to convert to black and white and was planning to try Inkscape but it will be nice to just be able to use CC instead.

I find I am spending more and more time putting the effort in to CC before I consider an upgrade to CC Pro.

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