I just checked my tool paths. Was running the 1" Face Mill at 12k 72ipm and 0.01" for a roughing, I was surfacing an aluminum plate to use as a painters tape workholding for some parts, so flat was most important. I need to run a few of your passes on the plate and see if they will look as good as yours… Amazing

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For people wondering what the parts I’m making look like in, here’s one of my shop cars that’s getting a bunch of custom bits installed.


Interesting enough, an upholstery guy I do work for asked for some door pulls like you made here. Unfortunately, the timeline is quite tight so it looks like I’ll be doing a 3D Printed prototype and the making the pulls at a later time.

Lots of cutting the last two weeks, not much too interesting.
BUT I am having a consistent issue I can’t seem to chase down. Randomly around the same area of the machine it “binds” and then sends the bit and machine into a new cutting place, etc. meaning the binding makes the machine skip and then continue on the cuts. It has destroyed many of parts this past week. It is random, same tool paths run great then BAM… All the ball screws are cleaned and lubed regularly and it seems to be more of a location on the X/Y than a G-Code Error.

Anyone else see this issue? Or know how to narrow down where the bind occurs so I can get to a solution? With the cost of aluminum and time its very frustrating!

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Can you run an air job to see where the issue happnens?

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It seems to be not happening at lower feed rates or in air cutting. I wonder if my F&S are being too agressive and if the bit grabs wrong, bam! I will test the alignment on the link you sent too. Thank You

Well here an example from today, cutting awesome and then all of a sudden bind on X or y then releases and kills the part, but no air binding at all? How do I chase it down? I’m tired of destroying material because the HDM randomly binds on its own

You can see where it bound and then slit in

Please look through the PM I sent yesterday.

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Update, the issue seemed to arise after the nut fell off the left side multiple times. And even today with loctite it was loose again. But what I thought was maybe the left and right Y were not in sync….

So I brought the gantry to the front middle rapid

Measured the end plate to gantry and my right side was about .875mm farther back than the left

So per @Luke reco, I shut off the machine and moved the right side forward some time get them as close to equal as possible

Turned back on and rehomed, all close to the same on both sides +/- 0.1mm and it ran great all day with no issues

Fingers crossed that this was the issue


What was I making? Took 1/2 stock and milled it to 1.25mm thick for a door trim piece. Great repeatability with the HDM when it’s working correctly.

Ohh and the touch probe is amazing, used the thrill hole for the center on the flip and it’s within +/- 0.1mm on center…