HDZ 4.0 Dust Shoe Mount Idea

So on the new HDZ 4.0 there are these hard end stops at the bottom:

HDZ 4.0

The holes these end stops thread into are M5 and go all the way through to the other side and are threaded the whole way. The end stops however do not screw all the way through. They only seem to go in a few millimeters. There is plenty of left over thread in these holes to thread a screw up from the bottom, get a solid connection to the plate, and not run into the end stops.

This seems like a good place to mount a Dust Shoe without loosing any of the additional X travel the HDZ provides. I am envisioning a U shaped metal plate that bolts here and comes out and around the router / spindle. The dust shoe could then attach to this plate. This seems like an especially good mount point for a Dust Show similar to the PwnCNC which goes under the X rail.


Edit: They are M5 screws not M4.


Yes, in fact @Luke pointed out that opportunity earlier, and if I had a 4.0 HDZ I would definitely use those holes for exactly that reason.

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I inquired about this in that same thread, and Luke mentioned he would not recommend using these for dust collection.

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Well that stinks. Guess I’ll have to look else where.

You could try it, just letting you know Luke thought it was a bad idea.

If you feel adventurous and do not want to use those holes (indeed Luke said not to use it except for a light chip guard), then you could fall back to a variant of what I did for my custom frame/dust shoe: 3d-print a piece that comes “around and under” the bottom of the HDZ, and has two screws with captive nuts that push the part against the back of the HDZ to secure it in place.

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That is definitely an idea I could work with. Perhaps using those two holes to mount a stiffening bracket to and use the holes up at the top for structural support.

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