Help! Cutting monograms, nodes, problems!

I have a Shapeko XXL and I am very NEW. Basically I am having problems learning how to use Carbide Create. I watched videos but it’s not helping me with what I need to do. For example a basic triple Vine Monogram… I paid for the full vine alphabet off of Etsy. It came in a svg and dxf. Once I bring it up I can’t figure out how to edit it properly. I want to combine the fonts (3 letters) and I’ve deleted nodes but it’s still showing lines after deleting the nodes… ANY help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Laura

Please post a .c2d file.

It looks as if all you need to do is Boolean Union everything.

This may help: Fixing path winding in Carbide Create

Hey Will,
I’ve attached the file.
I tried to boolean union but for some reason it takes all the center cuts out. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.Rough Draft 2.c2d (388.5 KB)

IF you can figure out which letter is going to be on the top layer then it should be easy to pull this into something like Aspire or some other graphics program, possibly Inkscape, you should be able to cut the underlying letter’s crossover lines out to leave that top layer seemingly exposed on top. In other words, the cutting will make something like your middle letter look like it is on top of the other letters. For sure in Aspire, and probably Fusion 360, you can separate, or space, the lettering easily also. GOOD LUCK ON THE PROJECT!

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You need to ungroup each letter and select only the outer paths:

which will result in the desired result:

klr_fixed.c2d (309.7 KB)

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Awesome. Yours looks perfect! Okay so I’m trying but when I ungroup them my menu for Boolean will not show up… I’m missing something but not sure what?

You need to:

  • ungroup each of the three letters
  • select each of the outermost paths (control click on a path to add or remove it from the current selection)
  • then do Boolean union

Thank you so much. It worked :raised_hands: Slowly but surely learning.

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