Fixing path winding in Carbide Create

Sometimes, when one imports a file and processes it in Carbide Create, a path may not be included when processing a V Carve:

The solution for this is to get that path to have the proper path direction — there are commands and scripts to fix this in software such as Freehand, Inkscape, and Adobe Illustrator, but one can finesse it in Carbide Create by:

  • drawing a small bit of geometry w/in the bounds of the path
  • clicking on the path
  • control clicking on the added geometry (to add it to the selection)
  • clicking on Design

  • clicking on Boolean Union
  • Toolpath
  • V Carve

If anyone has any issues w/ Carbide Create, please feel free to ask here, or at and we’ll do our best to help!


Hm any chance it would explain this?

I don’t think so — but, please send the source file in to or post it here and we’ll be glad to look into it.

Appreciate it!
15 cells diameter theta maze2

Could you please edit your post so as to make the SVG downloadable or e-mail it in to I can’t get anything but the PNG preview.

Weird, firefox had no issue with right-click-save-image-as

It’s been a while since I used Firefox — apparently there’s been another revamping of it, and it’s supposed to be much nicer to use (again) — guess I’ll have to try again.

Okay, one way to go about this:

  • open the SVG in Inkscape
  • select all
  • Path | Stroke to Path
  • re-save


That’s what I did, well the Illustrator equivalent, for my last batch. I was hoping to just get the paths. I wanted to try one using a ball nose bit just following the center line to get a rounded depression. I turned the stroke on otherwise the preview showed nothing. Just interesting that some of the open vectors come through and not others.

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If you get the width right, it should be possible to use a ball-end endmill and not have too much of a scallop at the bottom — perhaps a radiused endmill which would cut with a flat bottom?

Hm yeah, seemed more ‘correct’ to just have a vector but I can see several ways to set it up to accomplish the same thing, adjusting the outline stroke to get the ‘inside’ the same size as the mill plus a tiny margin.

I do have a ‘bowl’ type bit but it’s a bit larger than what I want, may see what the local big box store has and if not hop on amazon.

Overall still curious that CC imports some of the vectors and not others but I can certainly work around this.