Help with vCarving a sign

Wow making progress I’d love to see this to a finished file I just don’t have the knowledge or experience to get it there…Thanks for working in it

Almost there:

Unfortunately, failed to:

  • add additional geometry for the outer profile to allow V-carving the perimeter
  • remove the grey highlights from the white area of the bird
  • properly separate the white areas of the runway

Anyway, the basic principle is to:

  • calculate how wide an area one needs for V-carving to the desired depth
  • add an inset along that centerline
  • adjust both paths so that things are rounded off so as to eliminate peaks

Would it be possible/ easier to cut the interior around the eagle and runways out completely with a straight bit?

It would depend on the scale and size of the bit relative to the piece. Basically inlay options go this way:

  • straight bit, inlay with vertical sides
  • smallest detail limited by endmill diameter
  • any narrow feature must be at least endmill diameter+10%
  • V-carve with angled sides — through cut
  • all inlay pieces must be same thickness
  • detail limited to one’s workholding ability / options / patience
  • V-carve inlay with pockets
  • requires specialized software or careful toolpath planning

But with a bit of patience, it works:

small_separated_two.c2d (1.4 MB)


Is there a way to stop it from cutting all the way through?

Further adjust the paths, or use a tool which limits depths, or use a shallower angle tool, or a thicker material.

I figure I’ll just fill w/ powdered enamel and epoxy.

Anyway, finally found time to cut this w/ the right endmills:

Need to get a loupe from work and deburr the edges and then work out some way to infill the colours.