Hi Everyone! Newbie here and ready for a 5 Pro Purchase :)

Looking forward to getting a new machine for me and my daughter to work with together :slight_smile:

The boss said it was ok to make the purchase so here I am :slight_smile: I want to go with the 5 Pro and VFD. Is there anything else I should be looking at? Also training on the software… Could I get some suggestions on where to start? I am not new to the CNC hobby as I used to work with a laser cutting model plane kits, etc and also built a couple of CNC hobby machines when I worked at a CNC machine shop but that was 5 plus years ago and I am getting older and more forgetful :wink:

I am familiar with SolidWorks as well so I may get back into making some models and stuff but really I think the Carbide Create will do more than what we plan to build.

One question I do want to ask… I loved using a wireless MPG controller with the machines I played with but they were running on Mach3. Can I use a wireless MPG on the 5 pro?

Thanks again and looking forward to posting lots and helping where I can.


In addition to:


there is an unofficial e-book:

and for Carbide Create I wrote up a bit at:


No, Mach3 pendants won’t work w/ Grbl — it’s possible to use a custom keyboard setup such as:

and some folks just re-map the keyboard shortcuts:


on a gamepad:

What sort of work do you wish to do?

How do you wish to approach it?


WOW Thanks!!! Lot’s to read… So is a gamepad not like a wireless MPG??? This is the one I was thinking of…

Goal is to make templates from 1/4" Acrylic, bowls (trays) & cutting boards, French Cleat holders, other fun things out of wood mostly. Really whatever comes to mind :slight_smile:

Also whatever the season brings :). We missed the Jack O Lanterns I think since we are almost to the end of September but Christmas is coming :wink:

And overall, just to have some fun and teach my daughter about the creative world of CNC!

That pendant is specific to the mentioned software.

There are 3rd party options for Grbl, and one person managed to make a Stream Deck work.

For Christmas see:


Welcome. :slight_smile:

I consider workholding very important. They provide some Resents Clamps with the machine. Consider adding a Crush-It kit s well.

A good assortment of bits is also a good idea.

I like the Rii mini keypad on Amazon. Simple to use. No set-up

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Thanks for the advice

Got one of the mini’s. Will have to try it out when I get the new toy in.

One thing I learned was all about fixtures and making your workflow a lot more efficient. I plan to carry that over to this new venture as well :).

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