How to add bits to library

Is there a tutorial on adding bits to the library? I just bought the #502 and #121 that I need to add to my library.

The #502 is already in the library so all I need to do is the #121

For Carbide Create 316 and similar versions:

If you select a tool before clicking on “Add Tool” the selected tool will be used as a template for the new one.

  • Toolpath
  • Edit Library
  • Add Tool
  • double-click on the new tool to go into edit mode
  • edit as needed
  • Ok
  • close window

The old (316) method isn’t compatible with the new (400 and later) method, and unfortunately custom tools from 316 are not directly imported into newer versions.

In the newer version in order to enter a custom tool it is necessary to create a new user library — tools may then be added to that by using the graphical interface.


Note that since the move to curated values in 434, certain entries which were required are now hidden in the data since they are not needed.

The #121 is in the Carbide Create library — for the Nomad:

See for concepts on this and see the series #MaterialMonday: #MaterialMonday on YouTube for specifics.

Extensive discussion at: Origin/consistency of chipload recommendations and with a spreadsheet for this at: Speeds, Feeds, Power, and Force (SFPF) Calculator

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