How to define a roundover bit in Carbide Create

How can I define a roundover bit for edge finishing in Carbide Create

I don’t have create installed, I use v carve but generally these programs are looking for a right side profile of your bit.

If I understand what you’re describing correctly, I believe that is described in:

You mean something like this, correct?

Do not use endmills w/ bearings.

That’s what routers and router tables are for.

Yes, but with the bearings removed, Is this possible?

With the bearing removed you’d need to work up an appropriate offset toolpath and feeds and speeds, prob. through testing — way easier to make and use a router table.

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OK… I have 50 2.5" x 10" name panels to make.
I was trying to figure a way around using the table router but you’re right, it would likely take longer by the time I messed with all the settings and tool changes.
Thanks as always for the good advice!