How to import a jpeg file

Can someone tell me how to import a jpeg file into design ?

Use a program like Inkscape and save as an SVG file then import.

There are three ways to do this, depending on the file and what you are trying to achieve.

The most expedient is to use image tracing:

Or, you can place a pixel image on a background layer for reference when re-drawing:

of if you have Pro, you can import it as a 3D depth map (very few images are suited for this).

Could you post an example image?

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As @ehendrix said open the bitmap image in free Inkscape, select the image and in the Menu Path select Trace Bitmap. There will be controls on the side to change to get a good image. When happy Apply and Save As Plain SVG. However as @WillAdams said it depends on what you are trying to accomplish. The first thing is a bad image will not get better converting and tracing it may be better. However in Inkscape you can adjust intensity and other settings to get an acceptable image usually.

Go to Convertio and follow the simple directions. It works great but you will still have to adjust/manipulate the file before running your machine (as you would with any given file).

I would be curious if the folks suggesting 3rd party image tracing tools have compared the results from them w/ the results of tracing in Carbide Create natively — pretty much every file I’ve tried works better in CC.


I’ve done a bunch of these; quite often CC works great. Not always, and for some designs where I did not like the CC result I went to Inkscape and managed to get something passable there. That doesn’t mean inkscape is always better… but for some critical things I tend to try both and see which one works better.

(that is to say, the CC one is very good. just not perfect, and sometimes “just different” gets a result that’s better if it’s a tricky situation)

I have tried the CC trace function a number of times but haven’t had the patience to learn the most efficient way to make tolerance adjustments.
With convertio, I get consistent results with drag & drop.

I am in the habit of using Inkscape for this aspect, I forget to try the Tracing feature in CC.
I will make a concerted effort to give it a try today and re post a comment.

The black and white requirement and not being able to use color may be a issue. This is where the FREE Inkscape works well.

Question: How does CC handle shading? In Inkscape this can become an issue. I have sometimes spent hours editing small dots out of an image to save time and/or to help the CNC final product to look better and not chew up the material.
This one in particular was a pain but turned out after the third try editing out the center of the sunflower.

The nice thing about the b/w requirement is that one can adjust the threshold to dial in on specific colours/shades and run the trace multiple times to get a perfectly adjusted trace for each.

In my experience, w/ a bit of patience tweaking, the results are far better than with any other tracing program I’ve ever tried.

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