How to remove lines from vector image

The4runnershow.c2d (212 KB)

I am trying to make a neon sign out of this and I just need to simplify the image a little bit to make some no offeset channels. For instance just a single circle around the outside. How can i remove some of the lines and run a job just the outline of this image?

4Runner Zman.c2d (144 KB)

I clicked on the image, everything was selected.

Go to ungroup


Click on a blank space, highlighted image will not be highlighted. Click on the lines you would like to delete press delete key. I did some for you, to show you. Use your file to do it the way you want.

The file I worked is 4Runner Zman.c2d

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As noted, select everything and ungroup it:

to arrive at:

which then allows selecting specific lines:

and deleting them:

That said, it’s a pretty simple/symmetrical thing — it would be much better to just re-draw the whole thing — let us know if you have difficulties w/ doing that.


very basic tutorial on drawing with the curve tool — also see:

Logo re-creation:

re-drawing with the curve tool

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