Importing files from computer to CC

I wanted to make, say, a coaster with beer logo. There are plenty of suitable logos online but how do I import one of those. I see plenty of posts about .svg files but I am in the dark. Thanks for any help.

Most files are png or jpg mabe a gif. These will show up in CC but they are not usable unless you trace them and that is a pain. If you file is a jpg or png you can get the free application Inkscape (there are others) that you can convert to an SVG. SVG files are vector files that you can resize with loss of the image. JPG and PNG are pixel files and if you enlarge or shrink them you lose clarity because they are just pixels… The SVG is a vector file and the image is a mathmatical formula that will enlarge or shrink without loss of the resolution. Inkscape is free just search on google and you will be able to download it for free.

How to create SVG in Inscape

Open your image in Inkscape – select it
Click Path – Trace Bitmap – this will open a Trace Bitmap window
Click ‘Update’ to be sure image looks OK – then click OK and close window
You will now have 2 images - the top one is the traced image, move that one aside, select the bottom one and delete
Be sure your new image is selected – click File – Save As - Choose type as Plain SVG – hit Save

You will now have an SVG file that “should” open just fine in Carbide Create


We have a tutorial on this sort of thing at:

You should be able to find the beer logo as a vector graphic which can be converted into SVG using Inkscape — if you only have a pixel image it could be auto-traced:

Or by using a background image to trace objects or for a logo:


If you have difficulties with this, please post the file here or to and we’ll do our best to work through this with you.

So much help available here. Thanks for your replies.

I have used the Inkscape method but I do not end up with 2 images as you suggest, just the pixel image?

Please post the file which you are having difficulty with here (or send in to and we’ll do our best to look into it.

I should have modified the instructions. They were from someone else’s post somewhere. Newer versions don’t get the 2 images. But you have to select the image before saving or you get an empty file.

Thanks Guy. Ok I get it now. Hate those MT files.

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