Carbide Create drawing/tracing tutorial

@Bonch has a project which requires this very charming image:

which is only available as a pixel image.

Re-drawing it should be straight-forward:

First, launch Carbide Create, create a stock area of the correct proportion, and import the pixel image and size it appropriately:

EDIT: Alternately, one could use the new Image Tracing feature:

Draw in the rectilinear geometry:

and then union it:

and re-set the text:

Using the Curve tool begin to re-draw the shapes:

(note that in this instance we extend the drawing beyond the edge of the shape since we will use a Boolean operation to remove it)

select both pieces of geometry with the leaf/twig which we wish to remove from the background as the key object (indicated by dashed highlight) and Boolean subtract:

resulting in:

Repeat this for each part of the drawing.

We then use the Advanced V Carving tool option:

To get something like:

Attached. woodlandkids.c2d (860.5 KB)


Thanks Will. I appreciate the tutorial and help.

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The manual redrawing of the paths around the image can be bypassed if you first use Inkscape to trace the bitmap.

This creates an svg automatically, as per the attached file.


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