Insert Library Button in CC PRO

Hello, Will this ever be added back? Also seems to have a smaller about of files to choose from. Will there be more files added?


Please see discussion at:

Thanks, Will, I guess I was comparing what was originally in the design elements library to what is now in the link… There seemed to be a lot more categories and options… Appreciate your quick responce. Sounds like you guys are adding to it all the time…

Is it possible to download the entire design library in a way that is easily imported into CC/CC Pro? Some of @wmoy’s CC tutorials show an import dialog with a categorized set of SVGs. When I click on the import button in the latest CC Pro, I am prompted with a standard file navigation dialog. For example see this YouTube video (0:45)

Am I doing something wrong, or has the UI changed considerably?

According to this post, the elements have been removed from CC and CC Pro. Any chance that Carbide3D could provide a single .zip download link on the elements page? It would be a bit tedious to download each file individually.