Introducing the Carbide 3D Print Library

With a significant number of makers out there owning a Shapeoko, Nomad and a 3D printer, we wanted to set up a place where users could get spare parts if in a bind as well as to be able to share concepts we’ve been playing with which would be suited to 3D printing.

We have about 50 models, from Active Project Tray to Z Clamps.

We have more ideas and files in the works, but we thought this would be a good starting point.

Generally speaking, these models should be printable on most 3D printers. We recommend high-quality strong filaments such as ABS or PETEG for items such as clamps. We’ve kept everything under a 200x200x200, with most models significantly smaller.

  • They are free
  • We’ve tested these files with a very popular brand of 3D printer - If you have any issues with clearances, please let me know.
  • Should you have an issue with any of the models, please PM me, and I will look to update the file and refresh the catalogue
  • If you want something, drop me a DM or post here, and I will see if I can design something. *no guarantees

The new library can be found here

For example, a selection of clamp caddies - my OCD can take a break.



Hmmmm, but all I see is that I’m low on Bambu Lab green filament. :woozy_face: :rofl:


These models look great! Very much appreciated.

Would love to have a 2.5" hose bracket that mounts to the stepper motor similar to this one for the 5 pro. Specifically the front bracket since my hose is routed to the ceiling.


I don’t have a 3D printer, but kudos to Carbide3D for publishing these files to enable people to make their own rather than having to order.

Makes me want a printer now and I am sure my kids could put it to good use.

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We do have this version:

Designed to mount to a spindle - are you using a router?

Generally, I don’t like mounting things to steppers - are you looking for the hose to go in front or behind the gantry?


Well this is great!

Would have saved me $6 buying a Bitzero caddy on Etsy because i didn’t want to design one :slight_smile:

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I did see that. I don’t believe there’s any room for that with the sweepy mounted. Im using a router. Here’s my setup. With the machine at the front of travel the hose will go to either side and rest against the stepper.

I will note that we did already have some designs on Cutrocket such as:


Nice thanks for sharing this!

That’s awesome. My voron is sitting in the corner wondering when I will play with it again. These are great reasons to fire it up. Thanks to everyone in on this executive decision!


I love this! Will this be something the community can contribute to? I already have several things printed in my workspace!

For anyone new to 3d printing, I’d love to help. I currently own an Ultimaker 2 and an Ankermake M5. The Ankermake is an absolute steal for any maker!

Agree Jordon,I am going to ask our local public library to do the tray for me,I just pay for materials.I need to jump into 3D Printing but don’t know how to make the first step.

We’re looking at that as an option. There are a couple of things we need to work out.

When I first started at C3D I hated 3d printers with a passion. However over time the printers and software has become much, much better. After quite literally thousands of prototypes I’m convertered into thinking they are pretty handy. Cost wise they have also come right down, the likes of Prusa, and Bambu have certaintly changed the market in recent years. I’d take a look at the used market, you can get some very good bits of kit for a modest investment.


Just wanted to say thanks Luke. These designs are VERY nice. The details hidden all around it make it stand out. Very well designed!


While I can see the convenience of storing endmills there — please don’t — those two recesses are intended for the 1/8" and 1/4" probing pins and it’s not really save to have exposed sharp edges from endmills so close to where the wiring runs.


I would surely rip my forearm open there :joy:

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This is great, thanks for sharing those models in a print library. I really liked the Bit Zero Caddy design over the one I had done myself previously, although I did a little mod to the stock version. I added an extrusion on the backside that mounts to the surface it screws into. Mine is mounted inside my enclosure and this mod allows to spool up the extra cable length between the bitzero and controller so it’s kept neatly out of the way.

Edit: Adding the .stl file for the mod version
Bit Zero V2 Caddy (Cable Management Mod).stl (109.4 KB)


@Luke is there any interest for community members to submit 3D printed mods for C3D to review and add to the library?

Here’s 2 other really simple mods to help with cable management on the Shapeoko Pro (V4 not V5).

This one keeps Bitzero cable neatly managed along the right Y-extrusion and avoids accidently tugging on the connector at the controller end.
BitZero Cable Management S4Pro.stl (17.5 KB)

This one is an endcap for the aluminum extrusions of the hybrid table I use to pass the wire between Shapeoko Controller right side of the machine for a left side C3D Spindle VFD installation
Hybrid Table End Cap (Cable Management).stl (29.4 KB)


Oh thank gawd! I actually hate the trays where folks store router bits and end mills vertical!

Another mod which conceptually is super simple that I’ve been trying out lately and so far so good. It’s a bolt lock for the sweepy screws and once properly adjusted pretty much keeps them in place and stops them from becoming loose overtime and having sweepy slide out of position. Basically you need to clock the screws in the correct alignment and this cap/lock is friction fit onto the bolt heads and the hex inside is what locks the bolts in place.

Sweepy Bolt Lock.stl (69.0 KB)