Introducing the Shapeoko HDM

Usually when going at say 2k and 0.5mm load the chips stay pretty low and won’t need bellows. The X/Y ball screws feature wipers which do clean off the majority of chips.

I would add that if you felt inclined I’m sure you could flip the inside covers 180 which might be beneficial, although I can’t confirm.


@Luke @wmoy First let me say I am impressed with the HDM. Without getting into it too deep, it is extremely similar to a machine I have been wanting to build for a while so I will likely just end up buying one. Second, what’s with the full price pre-order being charged at time of order? I would absolutely place a pre-order right now if it was structured as net 10% or net 20%. If you are just trying to feel out how many to build then this would meet your needs. I understand if you need the capital to build the machines, but personally I’m not interested in loaning someone $5000 interest free for 4 months. When I ordered my Tesla I put a deposit to hold my spot and begin production of my vehicle, then I paid it off when it was delivered. I feel like you would have a much better response from the community if you’d change the structure of the pre-order.


The inventory has already been paid for so we don’t need the money to finance anything. The payment structure is a limitation of the way our ecommerce system works. Without adding a bunch of apps to Shopify, which is already fragile and finicky enough without third-party apps, we don’t have a way to take partial payment and keep track of everything cleanly.

We’re still on track to ship early and once we begin shipping, the lead time should drop from our “pessimistic 4 months” to a much shorter window that we can be confident of.


Thanks @robgrz for the update, but honestly that sounds a bit like a lazy excuse. I’ve done plenty of e-commerce (albeit on a smaller scale) but I’ve never had issue with net% orders before. Even using free / opensorce solutions it’s fairly simply. We appreciate the R&D C3D has put into this, I personally feel the price point is fine, although I’m sure after the first batch it will “normalize” upward as far as the market will allow and that’s fine. Early adoption has it’s benefits and risks. All I’m asking is for you to consider changing the pre-order to either not charge until fulfillment, or offer a deposit structure. As I mentioned, in either of the mentioned situations, I would place an order immediately.

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I’d rather Carbide3D invest their limited amount of time into releasing the new HDZ 5.0 rather than debugging random Shopify plugins/add-ins :slight_smile:

If anyone from Carbide is reading, please let me give you a ton of money to get one of these so I don’t have to build my own HDZ <3


We run everything through Shopify and because of that it ends up being the hub for sales, shipping and our CRM for support and warranty. If I could go back in time and pick a different platform then I probably would. If we had plans to do more of these types of launches where partial payment would be a good fit then we would put the time into making Shopify do what we want, or roll out a different e-commerce platform. Both would require us to train our people to deal with a different sales and fulfillment process so we don’t seem totally incompetent.

We’re far from Amazon or Walmart but we do operate at a big enough scale that we can’t roll out plugins/platforms without really knowing how it’s going to work, when it won’t work, and how we can support the experience.

Right now, we still view this type of launch as a one-time event with a relative short horizon so we have what we have. If we end up doing another launch like this then we’ll definitely reevaluate.

I missed this before. We don’t have any plans of raising the price once we ship unless the cost of goods goes up or if the labor and support is higher than we expected. Rising cost of goods seems likely to happen based on what we’re seeing but it’s not our intention to “see what the market will bear”. We like the price/value of $5k and we’ll maintain it for as long as possible.

It is V5 and we’ll try to put a real estimate out this week of when we can get it launched.


You the best. Please know my nagging is strictly excitement based :slight_smile:


Thanks @robgrz. As I mentioned, I appreciate the work and bringing the higher end components down market to the prosumer level. Having owned an Avid Pro, S03 XXL, and several other machines not of consequence, it is great to see this machine in this space. I’ll be placing an order once you have logistics sorted and the first machines are in customer hands.


Hopefully it won’t be long. Production of the X/Y axis is underway and I think all the machined parts are done. The final electronics mock up should be done soon too. From there it’s regular production.


Hi Luke,
I ordered the HDM a few days ago and I need to design a 80/20 enclosure for it. It takes like 2+ months for an 80/20 order to be delivered these days, so I need to get on it asap.
Could you please document or post a fusion model of the HDM frame spacing and bolt down hole locations, also I need to know how big the footprint is with a 2k spindle and it’s Sweepy installed, when it is positioned forward center asking for a bit change, and how far forward it extends from the front frame.
Very excited to see how it performs!
Thank you!

Question: Why is there not a bit setter mounted to the front of this machine?

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Isn’t this it?



From the pictures and footage it looks like there is a TLS(BitSetter) mounted to one of the t-slots in the table.

Edit: Gerry beat me to it, with a picture.


I’m not actually sure if that is the “bitsetter”, but couldn’t figure out what else it might be.

Perhaps the ground lead for it is in the machine chassis and hence the t-slots, and the endmill pushes down onto the spring loaded shiny bit, conducts through it, and eventually and closes the circuit with the chassis? Or magic.

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@winston knocked up a non detailed model.

HDM Placeholder (129.2 KB)

On S3/4 Pro the Z extends past the bed by a inch or so, this isn’t the case on the HDM - We made the BitSetter movable and it can go pretty much any of the hybrid table slots.


Thank you so much for the step file Luke, it has everything I need. And thanks to @Winston!
That explains why the bit setter is not mounted on the front of the machine lol. (I knew the one in the photos was a bit setter, question was why on the deck, not mounted to the front!)

One last favor Luke, Could you please measure the distance from the center front of the frame bar on the machine to the farthest point forward on the Sweepy mounted to the 2k spindle during bit change please? I need to measure how far to set the machine back into the enclosure. Nothing is extending past the the rear frame during homing correct?
Noticed there are now 3 mounting holes per frame bar, with one in the center. The Pro only has one on each side. -Upgrades!

This photo is showing a wire, the stock photos are not. Possibly showing a dummy unit not wired up for photos?

Can you draw me a diagram of what you mean? Are you working out how much front space is needed with Sweepy on? Nothing goes past the Y motors other than the exit of the drag chain.

That is roughly how we run the wire - although I have the wire going right then down into the half T slot channel, not coming out the front as per that pic. It can’t run through the ‘extrusion’ because our Y ‘extrusions’ are funny looking things…


Yes I need to know how much distance for the HDM to fit in the enclosure and not have the Sweepy hit the front doors when it comes forward for a bit change with the Sweepy attached to a 2k spindle.(Possibly farther forward then the 1.5 spindle)
Also for the back wall, the rear stepper motors are the farthest point of the back of the machine when homing? Nothing will crash into the back wall if I give 1 inch of clearance from the rear steppers to the back of the enclosure?
This is an example of the Pro, it has 6.75 inches of space between the front frame of the Pro to the front doors of the enclosure. I left 3 inches of extra space in front for a HDZ 2k spindle for future upgrades. Pro has 1 inch between back frame and rear enclosure wall.

There’s a fair bit of debris in this channel, behind the thing that looks like it should prevent debris. Was this from testing without the panels in place?

Is this channel going to make it hard to clean/air out?