JointCam with Carbide Motion

Hi Everyone! I just downloaded a program that has great potential for doing all different styles of joints with customization for each. Ran into a few problems using Carbide Motion. I was wondering if anyone else has used JointCam and have figured out the problems. Could sure use some help with the compatibility with Carbide Motion. Thanks

What happened when you imported to Motion?

What problems?

Can you share the gcode?

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First off at the end of the cutting cycle Carbide Motion has a popup that says “turn off your spindle”. As soon as you touch the screen the router goes to full Z and then rapid to full Y smashing into my clamps. Secondly, when cutting the horizontal board the cutter cuts way too deep in the Z axis. Any thoughts

Usually the problem you describe is caused by a disconnect in how you have the safety/retract height set and how you are setting your zero relative to the stock.

If you’d post the G-Code for a small project which exhibits this error and step-by-step notes on how you are securing your stock and setting zero relative it we’ll do our best to work through this with you.

On the gripping hand, what sort of joints are you trying to do?

We’ve worked out a number of different joints here:

If there’s some sort of joint you wish to do which you can’t find files for, please let us know and we’ll do our best to work through them with you — I’ve also done some alternative joints such as the relieved finger joints shown at: Design into 3D: Boxes: Magazine storage (I’ve got an improved version I’m working on for that which uses a radiused endmill to eliminate the visible void), and I’m also working on a blind miter with hidden spline which doesn’t require a the vertical fixture either.

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I can tell you what’s going on if you share the gcode? The file you load into Motion.
Can you get a screenshot of your CAM settings (Gcode Options)?
You might be retracting too far and “topping out” the Z.

Thanks guys! Will attend to this tomorrow when I’m more awake. Will find my gcode and some setup pics. Tomorrow then!

I followed some of the links @WillAdams provided and I was very interested by Tailmaker/Fingermaker but, unfortunately, I found out that the software was no longer available. It had very powerful features. I guess that JointCam is now the only game in town. While the developer needs to be compensated, it is a bit steep for a tool that I may use only once in a while, maybe I will reconsider at a later date.

I checked out the gadget in Vcarve Pro/Aspire and in Easel but they are not very sophisticated and the result shows it too.

I recognize that the OpenScad designs that Will made is an option but you have to import the design in another tool like F360 to create toolpaths and this makes it too onerous for me as I’m unfamiliar with OpenScad and still use training wheels in Fusion.

It should be possible to have the Block/OpenSCAD files make DXFs — I’m looking into that now.

I’ve also been working on other joinery designs — pretty much have a blind miter with hidden spline which is ready for test cuts — anyone who wants to try making a box should let me know their board thickness and width and I can work up a file for that.

Since the Tailmaker software is going to go away, I’ll look into adding support for that sort of joint — the 15 degree fixture is kind of a nuisance, I was hoping to do better than that.

Keep us posted on the DXF but I cannot have you make the designs for me, ideally I want something “user friendly” where you enter the parmeters and out pops the code.

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If anyone who have tried jointCam and/Tailmaker would like to provide a review, feedback and show their work, I’m sure people here (me) would appreciate.

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