Keymapper for Joystick Control with CM 5+?

I’ve got a spare Xbox controller that I’d like to use with my Shapeoko Pro. I know that Carbide Motion has some built in support for this, but the keys are hard coded and can’t be changed.

I’ve seen a lot of people talk about using a keymapper (JoyToKey, AntiMicro, etc.) to map their gamepads for use with Carbide Motion.

i’ve tried that, but have had bad results, and I’m curious if that method is just no longer valid since CM integrated gamepad support? Or if there’s something that needs further setup?

Essentially, with both of the above mentioend keymappers, what I find is that there is no continuous movement in jog. I can jog in single segments of whatever the speed is, but if I hold the joystick in a direction, it either moves once and stops, or moves in a very jerky motion where it moves a bit, stops, moves again, stops, etc.

What’s the actual procedure to get this to work these days?

I’ve used it for a gamepad (as distinct from a game controller) using keyboard shortcuts:

Using that or a similar utility to remap game controller functions should work as well.

In what way is the game controller support not working for you?

They’re not vital, but I was expecting/hoping that the joystick would work (rather than just the dpad), and because of that, there not being any diagonal motion. I also would prefer to set the speed a different way (rather than trigger/bumper), but there’s no way to change the bindings.

Hence attempting to use a separate key-mapper software. I can’t get those to work properly, but I’ve seen videos of people using it, I just can’t find any breakdown of what’s needed.

Again, all of this is just kind of fluff, nothing is stopping me from using the machine, just looking to improve the experience.

The joystick should work, see:

Yeah, that’s one of many threads I’ve read through about this. And is one of the threads with contrary information that I am finding confusing, all of which is why I made this post.

In that thread, the OP talks about pressing the “mode” button, which switches from d-pad to stick.

I’m using a bluetooth Xbox One controller, and to the best of my knowledge, there is no “mode” button. For me, only the D-Pad moves the gantry.

It’s not contradictory — the Logitech F310 has such a button, and when pressed, it toggles as described in that post.

The question then becomes, what is the equivalent of “Mode” for your Xbox One controller?

Is getting a wired Logitech F310 an option — that’s what is officially supported — if not, write in to and let us know the specific model you have and we’ll try to research it from our end.

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Sorry I just mean it’s contradictory to my experience.

Yes, I could buy another gamepad for use with this, but I already have the Xbox controller, and I’ve seen plenty of people saying they’re using an Xbox controller. And seen yet others who have it working with a keymapper. I guess my hope was that one/some of those folks would chime in with how they got it working.

And again, it’s still functional as is, just could be better.

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