Large Work, Tiled toolpaths

I finally found a GOOD video on doing tiled toolpaths for cutting work larger than the bed space available.

He goes over using Vectric’s tiling functionality, and how to do it with any software (CC, if you wanted).



Does anyone have or know of an official way to do this in Carbide Create? Like, step by step?

You have to:

  • draw in rectangles the size of your work-area and add locating features to them
  • arrange them so that they overlap each other consistently and the design in a fashion amenable to cutting
  • if need be, you may have to use Boolean operations to modify the geometry so that it can be cut sequentially

For example, something like this rather contrived example:


See the previous discussions:


If you’d post a file which you are having difficulty with tiling we could walk through it step-by-step with you.


One thing to consider is if you have a supplementary waste-board (like I assume most people have) Your stock will probably fit under the Y rails but you will be in for a surprise when you turn on your machine and the X rail come crashing into it.

Long story short, I did all the work to plan for a 3 tile cut (On the Y axis going left to right), but after making a custom fence and fixturing everything, I realized I don’t have the clearance.

You can certainly do this Front to Back with no conflicts, but my machine is up against a wall and this would have been a big pain. You also can remove your wasteboard and be just fine, but then work-holding becomes a bit of a challenge. I ended up using my Shaper Origin.