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I recently purchased a Shapeoko XXL and I’m new to the community. Of course the first thing I wanted to try carving was an advanced vcarve but I learned after my purchase that I need a Bit Setter. Unfortunately they are sold out. Does anyone have any idea how often they replenished or if there are any other retailers that sell the carbide bit setter? I’m trying to not void my warranty since my machine is two weeks old, so I’m trying to avoid third party products.

You don’t have to have a BitSetter. The only reason you need a BitSetter is if you want to create multiple bit toolpaths. You can still manually rezero between tool changes if you only create single bit toolpaths.

Please contact sales@carbide3d.com and sign up for e-mail notification, hopefully there will be a new run soon.

Three options on doing Advanced V carvings:

Thank you both for responding so quickly! I do have a carving coming up that does require multiple too paths and I’ve tried a few ways to manually re-zero the bits but I can’t seem to get the carve I want. I’ve even tried this carving without enabling the pocket clearing. I’ll try the other options you’ve both listed and keep toying with it. Thanks again!

William, find a spot on your board that you won’t be cutting away with a change of bits, but will still be a good zero reference for the entire piece.

There are other considerations when you do, but you can use the bottom of your piece for the zero reference.

Its back in stock. Just ordered one for my second shapeoko

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