Looking to make a crib board!

Hey looking for some help in making a crib board just a basic standard crib board, im having trouble with what bits and toolpaths i should use to make the fine lines that outline the whole design and then drilling the holes, any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks



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Well Im having trouble with the tool paths, and making the lines engraved nice a fine, and then the holes basically the whole thing lol

Post the file you are working with and describe the difficulties you are having.

Just a standard crib board, so all the line work that is so fine what bit would i use to out line that and then for the holes im assuming a 1/8 endmill bit to drill the holes

SainSmart Genmitsu 10Pcs Nano Blue Coat Engraving Bits, 30 Degree 0.1mm Tip 1/8" Shank Conical V-Bit: Amazon.ca: Industrial & Scientific
Would this be a good set to purchase for doing fine detail stuuf

Select the geometry which defines where you want lines:

and assign a V carving toolpath:

Select the geometry which you wish to cut as holes:

and assign suitable toolpaths:

Repeat for all the geometry needed, then add geometry around and cut as a pocket down to tab depth and finish the profile, if desired, adding geometry for a roughing clearance and taking a full-depth finishing pass:

Ok so i would have to do the geometery for every single thing and save each as an indivual tool path

So I entered all your exact toolpaths and when i go to simulation it doesnt even show up!? I dont understand why it doesnt even show up, did the exact thing you did and doesnt even show on the simulation, going to try and reload program

So re downloaded and tried again, and doesnt even show up i dont understand why this is happening, it seems pretty straight forward is there something i need to change in setting or something cause this is driving me nuts

Please describe step-by-step:

  • what you did
  • what you expected
  • what actually happened

It’s a simple matter of:

  • selecting the geometry you want to use for toolpaths (use the shift key when clicking to add or remove an item from a given selection)
  • applying the desired Toolpath settings

Have you worked through any of the tutorials at:

I did exactly what you did upload crib board image, selected the boxes around the holes, went to toolpath vcarve with a 60 degree bit, 0.2 inchs deep (same as you mm) and then when i go to simulation it does not show up on the board like yours does?

Is there anyway you can upload yours so i can have a look and see what is different, but from what i can see its all the same,

Please see the attached.

cribbageboard.c2d (1.9 MB)

Thanks not sure what im doing wrong, but i think i can make it work but why does it only show the holes in the design aspect and then it shows the lines in the toolpath segment, Im trying to make it smaller a 4.5 x 15 in board, but it wont go

Post the .c2d file you’re having difficulty with and we’ll do our best to look into it with you.

i loaded the one you posted, just want the size of the board to be 4.5 x 15, but when im in the desing part it just shows the holes for the board and then when i swich to tool path it shows the outline of the board and holes itself?

I suspect that when you reduce the size you are making the circles too small for the endmill to fit — use a smaller endmill?

cb3.c2d (1.8 MB)
this is the issue im having, the lines for the board i can’t move smaller or select ?

The lines seem to have been deleted:

The holes are now quite small:

Do you have an endmill small enough to cut them?