MDF Feed and speed


It’s now been a week since I assembled my SO4 and I’m getting tired of drawing with it :slight_smile:

Unfortunately my 1/4" collet for my Makita router is still en-route, so I can’t use the included #201 endmill.

I have a set of regular, cheap, 10-for-$10 router bits that I’ve used with my hand-held router, that fit the collet that came with the router.

So in order to finally start using the machine I thought of using a 6mm straight bit for cutting some MDF.

Does anyone know what settings I should use for that? I prefer speed over passes, if you have to choose between the two.

Carbide3d: I really wish the Precision Collets for Carbide Compact Router was included with the machine - also at an increased cost - in Europe. I understand these are compatible with the Makita router that we have to use here. The problem is that 1/8" collets aren’t available on the European market (at least I haven’t been able to find them) and 1/4" aren’t easy to find also. There are several months delivery time on your Precision Collets-set and almost every endmill I’ve looked at so far uses 1/8" or 1/4" shafts. It’s a real shame to have this nice machine sitting and all that’s stopping one from using it are some $25 collets :slight_smile: Maybe something for consideration…

Which European country are you in Frank?

If you’re in the UK we have a good list of end mill suppliers in all shapes and sizes we can share.

Hi Frank,

I’ve been there (since I live in France), but I was able at the time to find Makita 1/4" collets on ebay/amazon.

Look for “Makita 763637-1” reference, e.g.:

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I believe the Carbide 3D precision collet set is available as a separate purchase from some of our resellers — if you have difficulty finding them in stock, let us know at and we’ll do our best to assist.

Alternately, a variety of sizes of precision collets are available from a 3rd party, Elaire Corp.:

For feeds and speeds please see:


with a spreadsheet for this at:

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I’m in Denmark. I used to order a lot of stuff from the UK but recent changes in EU-membership has me a bit reluctant to order things at the moment, as a lot of stuff about tax and vat is uncertain to me.

I’d be interested in the list anyways though, as I might end up taking the chance and order in the UK anyways. Either it’ll be nice to have for comparison.

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Thank you, Julien.

I already have a 763637-1 on order - it just takes some time to arrive. Also it costs more than the high precision set from Carbide3d :confused:

Might end up ordering one from your link on amazon.

I’ve only come across as a reseller here in Europe (that’s outside the UK). They currently list the precision collar set as expected in stock on November 9th. That date is most likely subject to change.

I’ve already had a look at Elaire’s collars - unfortunately they don’t appear to have resellers outside of the states yet.

I might end up contacting your sales and see if they will be able to get me a set sooner without the cost of freight getting out of hand.


Alternatively, for 1/8" you should be able to find 6mm-to-1/8" adapters, I got this one early on:

Now that I have the high precision Elaire 1/8" collet I’m not using it anymore, if you can’t find one I’m happy to give/ship it to you (not sure how long that would take from France to Denmark though), just PM me.


Here’s a thread


Thanks a lot, Julien. That’s really kind of you. I’ll look some more for a 1/8" - I’m thinking about ordering the set from Elaire as well - just not sure how expensive it’s actually going to be with the new import rules for the EU. I’ll DM you if I need to take you up on your offer :slightly_smiling_face:

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