Mount Hood volcano in 4 tiles

So I needed an excuse to test my new Amana 1/2" cutter (with a 1/4" shaft so it fits my ER11 nicely) while adding it to my STL cam tool… and decided to do an old staple, the Mt Hood volcano… but I also needed an excuse to test another toy out.

So the 1/2" bit for roughing cuts amazing. 2mm DOC at 80 IPM and it doesn’t even break out a sweat,

But as you may notice, this was not cut out of a single 10"x10"x1" piece of wood.
First of all, I didn’t happen to have one of those, but I did have a pile of 5"x5"x1" blocks of basswood.

But more… in Want to divide a heightmap into sections @goin4 asked if one could convert a landscape into tiles where the Z is consistent between the tiles… and I wanted to test the solution to that question.

Steps I used to get here:

Step 1: I used TouchTerrain ( to create a high detail STL of Mount Hood and surroundings… the STL is 97Mb in size (good luck importing that into Fusion360 fwiw)

Step 2: Use my STL CAM tool ( to convert this to a 10"x10"x1" work piece GCODE file. Of course I selected the 1/2" bit for roughing… and ended up selecting the #102 1/8th inch flat bit for the finishing pass… since
basswood REALLY REALLY hates ballnose bits and is basically uncuttable with anything ballnose (I tried. a few times).

This gave me a 4.8Mb gcode file (too large to upload here)

Step 3: Use the new tool to turn the gcode into 4 tiles, I used 5"x5" tiles with no overlap for this cut and downloaded the 4 new gcode files. Each tile will start at machine zero, so you can use this even if the original gcode you have is larger than your machine (3.9 MB) (3.4 MB) (3.8 MB)

Step 4: Cut Cut Cut… cut each tile one at a time, for a total of a few hours in Carbide Motion. Crashed the new beta CM 517 several times, but thankfully not during cutting.

Step 5: Put a bit of oil on the wood and take the pictures.


Hi fenrus,
I’m amazed by what you’ve been able to accomplish. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to work with your software yet, other time demands have stood in the way. I look forward to giving it a try in a couple of days. Thank you!!!

I was poking around at some of the websites mentioned in the related thread and found this,