My Carbide Create suggestions

Thanks, that is great news!

Wow thats really big news will.thanks for sharing.@willadams how can we get them to update the vector library in cc?

Ask at — no promises, but that seems to me the best way for us to track feature requests.

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I don’t understand what’s happening.This is so much progress in so little time. Did someone lock the dev team in the office and refuse to let them out until all the features are done? Are they okay? Should we send cookies or something?


I was thinking the same thing. They have been banging out some updates lately.


What next!?!?! The touch plate release!!!

I’m being faceious, but that last CC update is very nice. Now, lets get and “advanced mode” in CM to act more like a CNC. Keep a “Intermediate” level as-is. :slight_smile:

Somewhere on the screen output the position of the mouse on the screen relative to the origin so I don’t have to count 40 grid lines. Make each ‘inch’ grid line a pixel wider or a different color.


The ability to right click a toolpath and have a menu item to select all the associated items but in ‘design mode’, so if I want to shift all the items in a toolpath over a bit I can quickly select them and drag them without having to manually select them again.

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Ability to ‘lock’ an object to avoid accidentally selecting it

A list of elements on the screen even if they’re given useless names like ‘circle 3’ and ‘imported svg 5’. Let us ctrl+click or select+click as usual. This would then be amazing with the ability to group objects.

Ability to nudge selected objects using arrow keys

Ability to turn snap on/off especially since choosing not to SHOW the grid doesn’t actually remove the grid just hides it.

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Just came here to suggest a “Lock Object” feature and found this post.
But yeah, we need Lock Object. I have had things move when I click on them to get coordinates to measure and set coordinates for another object. Even more annoying is having something move while in the Tool Path setting screen.



Never hurts to revive a thread especially when some of the suggestions are still relevant :slight_smile:

I see that this is an old topic, but this issue has been giving me fits!. I’m glad to hear it’s not just me.

Objects sometimes move when I click them, regardless of how carefully I click. If I’m working on a complex design, I go through hoops to be sure that I can return objects to their correct position when they move without my catching it immediately. Here are some images to illustrate.

I have these nested objects for which the spacing is critical. (Figure 1: a small piece of the project). I’ve grouped the objects within identical boxes (Figure 2: Each box represents a different toolpath). This allows me to return them to the correct position relative to each other if (when) they are inadvertently moved.

Doing it this way causes problems when I set up the toolpaths, but it’s the best alternative I’ve found. I am open to suggestions.

An object lock might work to fix this, but there are other things that would help. (1) Undo/re-do. I use undo to see if an object moved, but it would be great to be able to re-do for those times when I didn’t need to undo. (2) There must be a way to make this not happen in the first place. This is the only software I have ever used that has this problem. (2a) Is there a mouse setting or something that I can change?

I haven’t found any other topics addressing this issue. I’m new to the community, so if I’ve missed something in my search, please point me to another discussion.

This used to drive me nuts too. Unfortunately, this is just one of those limitations of CC that you’ll have to live with, or move on to a higher-end paid CAM tool.
One of the many reasons I prefer (and moved to using) Vectric VCarve is that it handles this situation the right way, i.e. the default action for a left click is to (only) select an object, and then you need ANOTHER click to put the object in “move” mode, this way you never move anything by mistake.
It’s a small detail, but I guess it’s the kind of detail that a (very?) small development team like Carbide’s probably does not have time to fix.

Not at my PC, but does ctrl+z undo and ctrl+y redo? Does on most Windows software, but not sure about CC which is a bit of a weird duck (like ctrl+c does copy AND paste).


Control z is undo, control y doesn’t seem to do anything.

Most, if not all of the keyboard options should be listed in:

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Thank you for your reply. I try to do all my designing in another program just for this reason. I don’t to a lof of 3D design so I use CorelDraw. It works great for just about everything I need. For this particular project, though, I couldn’t avoid it.

Just a note for folks coming to this, one can now import SVGs and DXFs into a file using Library | Import:

Yes that is useful - but it would be also great to import an existing C2D part design for use in a drawing

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There is a 3rd party utility for that:

Speaking of 3rd party, the new Carbide should allow the installation of 3rd party apps or extensions within Carbide Create just like Easel or VCarve.