My contribution to aluminum milling

Have done the Titans of cnc free academy course and this is some of my parts.


NICE ! we crave for DATA now (feeds, speeds, tools, toolpaths, …)


What a great idea! The parts look really nice. Was there much help with the CAM as far as speeds and feeds in the tutorial?
DOC, radial engagement for adaptive tool paths, etc.
I’ve got my first aluminum project coming up this weekend, and I’ve seen suggested speeds and feeds all over the place.

In case anyone is interested:

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What I have come up with regarding speeds and feed is.

For roughing I have a single flute datron 6mm
27000rpm 2200mm/m 0.08mm ipt and 4mm opt at 1mm doc

Finishing is 4mm ballend att 20000rpm 1200mm/m 0.02 ipt and 0.1mm stepover 0.5 doc.


Titan academy helps with designing and programing. But with there new tormach series you get some sort of guidelines to speed and feed

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