New Here.....Just ordered the Shapoko PRO

Hi All,

I just ordered the Shapoko PRO XXL today. This will be my first CNC Router. I currently have a CrossFirePRO CNC plasma table and Raise3D E2 3D printer.

Excited to have this to round out my shop. Anyone else have one on order?


We’ve had a fair number of orders, and a couple of folks have chimed in about placing orders, for example:

and you may find the announcement thread of interest (which I think includes some folks noting their orders):


I ordered mine 2 minutes after it came out. Waiting on their new boxes before they ship I guess. Can’t wait!
Any word on the newest revisions they completed before shipping?


I dont know what the revision was, but it seems like a solid machine for the money. I’ve been waiting for a while for something like this Pro version. Do you have a Shapoko now?

There has not yet been any official word on the revisions/announcements.

But perhaps see:

First place : [Mystery item #1] + [Mystery item #2]

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I have 3, the Pro will be my 4th!
Here are some of my results:


Mystery item #1 or #2 :thinking:


That would be mystery item #1. But don’t tell anyone!


So this comes with the unit? What is #2? Lol

My understanding is it comes with a Nomad — I believe it’s an extra purchase for the Shapeoko Pro.

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