New needs help with this tree letter monogram

I have attached the file and its tool path. Thank you for any help that you all can provide.


Ok, I downloaded it and viewed it…perhaps you could give me a hint as to the help you are looking for?

I do see one problem, there is a lot of geometry that is smaller than 1/8 cutter that shows on the Toolpath tab…other than that, my mind-reading cap is low on batteries…

PS: No Trees

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Also see:

I have tried the Boolean Union but all it does is delete the sticking thing, I’m sure because I’m not doing it right. And then sometimes I don’t have the option. I did read both of the links provided however I was not able to get the program to do what I wanted or needed it to do.

Am I using the proper bit in the first place?

How does the Boolean Union work and why does it only give me the option half the time.

Pretty much need help on fixing the letters and how to properly set up the tool path.

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