New software missing some features?

Hi folks. Been awhile since I’ve been able to use my Shapeoko so I thought I’d download the newest software rev. Installed it and things look a little different. No big deal, but on the setup page I only see a very small list of material - none of which include any real wood (I think there used to be hard and soft wood listed). Is this intentional? That was my primary use case for using the machine so Im a little confused. Some googling makes mention of a Pro edition now too? I hope these settings arent only available in that software.

The new 440 and later builds have a curated set of feeds and speeds which unfortunately, are at this time only available in a limited range of materials.

The full array of materials for auto-calculation were available last in build 433 — drop a line to for download links.

You can of course enter any feed and speed rates you might wish into your own tool tables. See: Adding tools in CC440 and later for a start on doing so.

The router speed setting should match the feeds and speeds for your selection of endmill and material. Please see:

(there’s a row matching dial settings to RPMs at the bottom)

There’s an interactive version at:!/vizhome/Carbide3DCNCFeedsandSpeeds/Sheet1?publish=yes

See for concepts on this and see the series #MaterialMonday: #MaterialMonday on YouTube for specifics.

You should test feeds and speeds in a piece of scrap using the technique at:

Another consideration is Climb vs. Conventional Milling and tooling engagement — where possible avoid slotting and add geometry and cut as a pocket (Adding geometry to cut as a pocket with a finishing pass ).

Extensive discussion at: Origin/consistency of chipload recommendations and with a spreadsheet for this at: Speeds, Feeds, Power, and Force (SFPF) Calculator

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Thanks (as always) for the prompt reply. I had become accustom to the default material settings with a variety of material.

Do we know if this is a temporary thing? Or are they moving these settings to the pro version only :frowning:

We are trying to add additional materials (polycarbonate was added to 449) — the only thing limited to the Pro version is the 3D modeling/toolpaths — everything else is free in the base functionality.

Oh ok. Interesting. Im wondering why they removed some of the other materials then - but Im guessing it was because the settings are all being retooled and then re-added? In any case - thanks for the help!

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