Nomad 3 BitZero

All you lucky Nomad 3 owners should have an accessory on its way soonish.

Looks pretty snazzy! This (I think) was the extra thing that was mentioned in the previous announcement.


Looking like it only works with the newer hardware with that connector. Any news if it works on other platforms than the Nomad 3?

Any corner! That’s perfect!

Also… where’s the CM516 download link.

I believe it will work with other models. The connector is likely for a simplification.

That listing is for the Shapeoko version (just updated the product title). The connector will be the standard 3-pin version when we ship.

The latest CM is at


Sweet! So we will not have this in our box when in arrives? Super thanks! Can’t wait to get mine making chips!

@robgrz would know best, but I think current owners are going to get a new package, and other machines may have this included?

If you got one of the first couple of Nomads that shipped a week or so ago then the BitZero V2 will ship separately. If you haven’t received your machine yet then this should be in the box with the machine.


Does that new version of Carbide Motion include the “turbo” jog speeds?

Reminds me of the days when we were all figuring this out, @Luke was Mr. Beaver, @Vince.Fab was the new guy, @CrookedWoodTex didn’t have a machine yet, @Griff was making one of the first HDZs ever.
Lets share some tool paths - 3d aluminium machining


I might have to re-make that project. Even if I don’t have any use for it :laughing:


I think the faster jog speeds was in a now older version of carbide motion and is a configuration sent to your machine. So you may want to download latest version of motion, then go over to the options and send config data to your machine for those faster jog speeds.


Correct, see:

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Those GRBL mods only affect rapid and homing speeds. They don’t do anything for “jog” speeds where I am manually moving the router around the workpiece, whether with keyboard or joystick. This thread went into that in more detail.

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If I’m reading that thread right. Winston said if there was enough interest, he’d put in a feature request for that, but it doesn’t look (outwardly) like that feature request was put in?

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That’s correct - and judging by the response in that thread, it sounded like a lot of interest, but
I don’t know if an official “turbo” jog speed request was ever entered.

Built to @Luke ‘s design.

I’ve since splurged and purchased a recent gen HDZ. I’m kinda proud that it doesn’t enable cutting any better then the one I made. BUT, mine required a lot of tweaking/tuning to get the best performance. It was also bulkier then the current design and definitely not as pretty!

Ah, the good old days!


Memory lane led me to my first HDZ aluminum tests on the Holey Probe.

And one of the first times @Luke made me inspired me to write a macro. :wink:


@robgrz I noticed a third empty slot in the probe type menu. Any chance we’ll have X/Y probe options for conductive material bores coming?


That empty slot is probably q quirk of the UI library we use.

We might make the probe routines available as M codes though. I assume you’d be a fan of that?