Nomad modified with dust collector

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Here is my modified Nomad with a custom acrylic dust box, my ClearVue cyclone, and the silencer box for my ShopVac. Only thing I need to upgrade now is my filter.

The dust box is 3 parts, the top plate that is held on to the spindle with a band clamp underneath. A middle riser compartment, and a bottom plate that holds the brush. These layers are all held together with magnets to make getting at the spindle easy.


That’s a great solution and I love the door flap.


I have also noticed that this setup helps keep the temperature of the spindle and z axis down when the door is shut.

In another part of the forum we’re discussion dust collection and air safety - dust collectors and dust separators. This shows people how simple it can be to use a ClearVue or Oneida plastic cyclone dust separator. They are not expensive.

Yes, for the best safety a 0.3 micro HEPA filter is required. Common 5 micron filters are essentially useless at blocking the particles/dust that are damaging to lungs (most of this in the 0.5-3 micron range).

This is very similar to what I had in mind for my Nomad - once it arrives - except that I was going to have a fitting in the side and go from there.

Can you tell us about the tubing you used? Where did you get it?

This is an awesome approach! Thanks for posting!

For comparison purposes, I wheeled out my Festool CT26 with Oneida dust separator into the living room and took a picture of it.

One can immediately see the equivalence with the ClearVue/ShopVac pictures. The Festool CT26 is remarkably low noise (at least on the lowest and bottom end settings) so no encapsulating box is necessary.


I started to go down the road with cutting into the side wall, but the doggie door on the front was much easier to do, since the door just slides out of the hinge. The cutting was easy. I broke the door when I dropped it not paying attention, so that is what the piece if extra acrylic is there on the door.

The Nomad is louder than the shopvac in the silencer box.

When I get a little time this weekend, I’ll upload the STLs for the box and hose holder.

As for the white tube, it is WATTS Bilge & Pump Discharge Hose from Lowes. one hose can be cut into thirds for 3 machines. The smaller shopvac hose fits inside it nicely.

The acrylic is .2" thick sheet.

The brush is taken from the end of one of the shopvac tips.

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Spent the day with my boys, and tomorrow we are shooting water rockets on a new custom triple rocket launcher. The release mechanism was made on the Nomad :wink:. In the meantime, here are some more photos for those that asked.

Top Plate

Top Plate mounted

Spacer Box

Spacer Box Mounted

Bottom Plate

Bottom Plate mounted

Bottom Plate with brush attached

Bottom Plate with brush mounted

Hose mount at doggie door (Only glued on bottom to allow side removal if necessary, while continuing to function)


Thanks! That is a nice, simple design.

I’ve worked in polycarbonate; the fusing/gluing isn’t hard.

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Thanks for sharing this, very nice solutions.
As for the filter, does Wynn environmental have a filter that fits your canister? I purchased a filter from them, it worked well.

Hey @FlatBaller, any chance you could post the STLs for this, please? I think it’s great and I’d love to take a whack at it myself.

Me too!

For those getting a Nomad 883 Pro, the picture makes me think this design will have to be modified for it… not hard.

Ooo… I’ll see about getting these posted soon.

I have been working on my own gcode tools, more goodness to come soon.
Lexer and Parser almost complete, and lots of ideas.

I think the first tool will be a MeshCAM output optimizer, or a manual drill press/pocket tool.
Maybe a new thread to start taking suggestions after I have a good working code base.

Parser? Lexer? OOOO… I know that stuff (do it for a living). If you want a code read or help, message me and we can email offline.

We have a CAD wishlist here:

List of Utilities here:

I have created a GitHub repo for any designs I have a permissive license for.
The first posted is the DustBox .stl files and also a full set of .nc files that shows my cut workflow.
You can see by the edit dates that this workflow easily tailors for feature specific tool paths edits.

The DustBox is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license.


AWESOME! Thanks so much for contributing this!


Yes, thanks very much! I plan to implement this fairly soon, will share photos when I do.

I thought I posted this earlier, but the brush head is just a Shop-Vac 2-1/2-in Right Angle Brush. I pulled the elbow out of the brush holder ring and pushed it into the bottom plate.

After much use I have noticed that there are way too many bristles and that eventually the center hole starts to collapse. When this happens I just use my scissors and cut off the offending bristles. I have probably cut about 1/3 to 1/2 of them. I’ll post a picture of it next time I remember to take one.


I’m thinking on a slight variant where a commercial CNC brush is pushed into a pocket that is machined into the bottom plate.

This would allow for easy replacement. The bristles are arguably more resilient if one believes the product description.